What impact does our Clynk drive have?

In addition to raising money, nickel by nickel, for ShelterBox, our ongoing use of the Clynk container redemption program has a varied environmental impact.

The graphic above shows just one result. We can continue doing good by getting involved in the project if you haven’t already done so.

All you have to do is:

(1.) Purchase a box of collection bags from any Hannaford market customer service desk.

(2.) Contact Bill Dowd to obtain bar code stickers to put on the bags.

(3.) Fill the bags with redeemable glass bottles, plastic bottles, and aluminum cans. No need to rinse or sort them.

(4.) Take the bag to any Hannaford, use the handheld scanner in the container return area on the sticker and drop the bag in the chute.

It can’t get much simpler, and you’ll find you you won’t tend to stockpile containers at home.

Our Clynk efforts tops 25,000 mark

Our Clynk environmental report

How are we doing with our ongoing push to redeem deposit containers and direct the proceeds to ShelterBox?

Pretty good on several fronts.

• The accompanying graphic shows our environmental impact.

• We recently sent a $400 check to the relief agency to help in its global work.

• And, another indicator of the support from across the SRC membership is that we recently topped the 25,000 mark of redeemed cans and glass and plastic bottles.

So, please keep up the good work. Or, if you haven’t yet joined in the Clynk initiative, please join your fellow Rotarians in this no-fuss ongoing fundraiser.

You can purchase a box of the official collection bags (the only bags accepted by the recycler) at any Hannaford market; ask Bill Dowd for the bar code stickers to affix to the bags, and drop off the full bags at any Hannaford redemption site where you simply scan the stickers and put the bags in the chute. That’s it. No need to rinse or separate the containers.

If you have any friends or family members who would like to join in this effort, just follow the same process to be sure they have the tools to have the redemption money credited to SRC’s Clynk account.

What’s our Clynk impact (besides money)?

Have you wondered about our collective environmental impact from recycling through Clynk?

The accompanying graphic gives you a bit of an idea. That’s in addition to the money we raise for ShelterBox (our most recent contribution was a check for $500.)



Remember, all you need to participate in our Clynk effort is an official collection bag (buy ’em at any Hannaford customer service counter), a bar code sticker (get ’em from Bill Dowd) and … oh, yes, some redeemable beverage containers.

No need to rinse or sort the glass, metal, or plastic containers. Simply stick them all in the same bag, stop in at a Hannaford market, use the bar code reader and drop the bag in the chute. Voila! Money for ShelterBox and less clutter in your house.

So, pack up all those holiday beverage containers. And, you don’t have to be a Rotarian to join the club’s effort.

Reenergizing our Clynk recycling effort

Does anyone need bar-code stickers for their Clynk container recycling bags?

We’re asking because contributions have dropped off very sharply in the past few months. Nevertheless, funds derived from deposit bottles, cans, and plastic beverage containers remain a major revenue source for our club to contribute to ShelterBox.

Members can purchase the required green recycling bags at any Hannaford supermarket, but the required bar-code stickers can only be gotten from a Clynk in-store kiosk using the account card project administrator Bill Dowd has.

[For the benefit of those members unfamiliar with the Clynk program itself, it’s extremely simple. All you need to do is place any beverage container eligible for a return deposit in one of the bags, affix a sticker to the bag, go to any Hannaford and use the scanning gun to read the stickers. That’s it. No separating types of containers or rinsing them out. ]

So, if you need stickers, simply email a request to SRCrotary@gmail.com. Both the bags and the stickers are mandatory for the club to receive credit from Clynk for the deposit money.

Thanks for your help.

Are you part of our CLYNK program?

By now, everyone has heard about the CLYNK recycling program that lets us turn in deposit-eligible containers to raise money for our club’s annual ShelterBox donations.

Bill Dowd has been distributing the necessary bags and bar-code sticker tags, and will continue to have both available at each of our in-person summer activities.

Remember, all you need to do is drop your empties — glass, metal, plastic, whatever — in one of the approved recyclable green bags, affix the sticker, and drop off the bag of unsorted, unrinsed containers at any Hannaford supermarket returns window (there’s a hand scanner there to use so SRC gets proper credit for the bags).

It can’t much simpler. And, besides raising ShelterBox funds, you’re helping the environment. True, it’s only a nickel or so per container, but it does add up. In the first seven months of participation, we raised $400.

Here’s what the CLYNK recycling company says our impact has been over the past five months:

Screen Shot 2020-07-18 at 7.52.47 PM


How are we doing with Clynk fundraiser?

Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 8.56.26 PMOne of the simplest and most direct ways to raise funds for SRC Rotary’s ShelterBox effort is through the CLYNK recycling project.

In conjunction with Hannaford Supermarkets and its fellow New Hampshire-based CLYNK company, SRC has been able to ever-so-slowly but ever-so-steadily raise funds through the diversion to our treasury of redemption of deposits on glass, plastic, and metal beverage containers.

What do you have to do to participate? Not much. Simply purchase the appropriate bags (and contact CLYNK coordinator Bill Dowd to obtain the appropriate bar-code stickers to apply to them). Then, scan the stickers when you drop off the bags at any Hannaford market. No need to separate or rinse them. Just bag ’em and drop ’em off. Can it get any easier? We doubt it.

Please bear in mind that in addition to raising funds for SRC, you are helping the environment through dedicated recycling of those containers.





Hannaford still accepting CLYNK recycling

Are those returnable beverage containers piling up on you? Some businesses that usually accept them and return your deposit money have put a hold on the practice during the COVID-19 pandemic.

That’s because many don ‘t have enough people to handle the volume now that store personnel are being used for other tasks. But, there is one way to be sure to recycle those containers and raise some money for ShelterBox: use CLYNK.

Some SRC members have been diligent in bagging, tagging, and taking their CLYNK bags full of returnable glass, metal, and plastic containers to Hannaford supermarkets. That’s because Hannaford has stopped accepting other containers, but not Hannaford. There is no store employee involvement because you self-scan the bags, drop them in the receptacle, and CLYNK’s own employees pick up the bags and take them to the company’s recycling center in Maine.

Those of you who didn’t pick up the official bags and tags — both of which are required to participate in the program — before we put a hold on our weekly dinner meetings — can get them once we resume. Meanwhile, don’t despair. Just put your returnables in regular plastic garbage bags until you get a supply of the proper CLYNK bags. Then, simply slip the others bags into CLYNK bags and head for your nearest Hannaford. All the proceeds from our club’s CLYNK participation go to suipporting ShelterBox worldwide.

CLYNK issues coronavirus-related modifications

Screen Shot 2020-03-20 at 12.10.47 AM

Despite the many restrictions on purchasing of food and beverages during the coronavirus pandemic, most of us still consume bottled beverages and need to redeem the containers.

SRC’s robust participation in the CLYNK recycling program via Hannaford supermarkets continues during this emergency period, but CLYNK is asking for some slight alterations in the effort. Here is the Maine-based company’s statement:

“CLYNK is a redemption company born out of community.  You rely on us to get you back your deposits, and our hardworking employees value your business as it gives them dependable income and basic benefits.  Never has this been truer than during the COVID-19 outbreak.

“CLYNK is open for business.  We are committed to keeping this little corner of your life easy and convenient even while the rest is anything but.  We are taking extra precautions to keep our employees safe, including increased vigilance on the use of personal protective equipment.  If you see a driver decked out in unusual gear,  please give them a thumbs up (or virtual elbow bump) from us.

“To the same end, we’d like to ask for a voluntary safety pledge from you. After filling your CLYNK bag and tying it tight, please hold on to it for three days before you drop it off at any [Hannaford supermarket].  This will help to dramatically reduce the risk of surface-to-human contamination.  To signal you have done this please tie a bright piece of ribbon/string/anything to the handle of your bag.  We are calling this a ‘3 Day OK.’

“Never fear,  we will process your bag with or without the ‘3 Day OK’ tie. But, when we see the tie, our employees will know they can breathe a little easier.   Thank you in advance for this small sign of solidarity. We love our CLYNKer community.”


How are we doing with our Clynk project?

Screen Shot 2019-12-05 at 12.54.47 AM

Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 4.05.45 PM
ShelterBox to the rescue.

At just a nickel or so per container, it takes what seems a loooong while to accumulate sizeable dollar amounts for our ongoing ShelterBox financial support project. But, that doesn’t mean we’re not making progress. We are, slowly but steadily.

SRC already has raised more than $400 from collecting reclaimed deposits on glass, plastic, and aluminum beverage containers this year, plus $2,050 in member-and-friend pledges collected by our ShelterBox coordinator, Bill Dowd. And, for every package of free market coffee sold by Phil Kellerman during the holidays, we get another $5.

Pennies make dollars, and the citizens of the world who are victims of natural and man-made disasters such as floods, earthquakes, typhoons, hurricanes, civil war, and the like are helped by SRC’s support of ShelterBox’s international aid efforts.

If you can help with any dollar amount small or large, please let Bill known ASAP. And, thank you all for your generosity and humanity. Each cumulative $1,000 we raise pays for one ShelterBox that contains a tent housing up to 10 people — sometimes for several years each, water purification items, emergency tools, cooking equipment, first-aid kits, sleeping bags or cots, and other basic life-sustaining items.

For more information about ShelterBox, click here and be inspired.