Initiatives Process & Summaries

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SRC Initiatives Template. Click here to download the form.

The Southern Rensselaer County Rotary Club is involved in a multitude of activities and projects. Club members have asked to be more engaged and participatory in these activities. One way to do this is to have the initiatives available to all members so they can choose which they would like to support.

Therefore, we have instituted a process for gathering information about new and established initiatives. Below is a procedural breakdown for how we will introduce this.

Roberto Martinez
President 2017-18

Initiative establishment and archiving

An Excel initiative template is available for download, or you may obtain hard copies at our meetings. The template is used to gather data on both new and established club programs. They will be uploaded/archived to an ‘Initiative Summary’ file which also will be available on our website.

Matt Smith will be collecting the initiative template from the initiative “owner/s.” Upon receiving the completed templates,  Matthew will update the information to the Initiatives Summary file. The individual templates can be sent electronically to Matt or, if they are hand-written, they can be scanned and emailed to him at

After the initiatives are entered into the database, they can be accessed on our website. The database will provide information describing the initiative, date and time it occurs, point person, resources needed, desired club goal, and much more. Members can freely access this database to see what we’re doing and how they can contribute to an initiative of interest to them, or they can begin a new one.

ACTIVE INITIATIVES (Click to view details)

• Clynk Recyling Program