Clubhouse buffet boffo as ‘Summer Casual’ events near their end

Spinney 5
This rosy grub and Rotary gear combo may be on its way to becoming the new SRC logo.

A warm summer night, a luscious buffet layout, and a new — for us — venue created “Dinner at The Clubhouse” for Thursday’s “SRC Casual Summer” event.

Ray and Lois Hannan played hosts in the clubhouse of their new residential complex, The Spinney at Pond View, with catering by Alexis Diner supplemented by appetizers, desserts, and beverages provided by attendees.

This was the next-to-last of SRC’s summer events. The last is set for 6 p.m. next Thursday, August 23: the family-friendly “Cookout By the Pool II,” at the home of Murray and Maggie Forth. The reservation deadline for emailing them your RSVP to is next Monday, August 20.

Attending the clubhouse event, besides, of course, Ray and Lois, were Dick and Mary Drumm, Bill Dowd, Jim Leyhane, Dean and Doris Calamaras, Roberto Martinez, Debbie Rodriguez, Pat Bailey, and Carol Orvis. Here are a few scenes from the evening:

Spinney 1
Jim Leyhane and Pat Bailey share a smile or two.
Spinney 2
Carol Orvis and Ray Hannan are all smiles as they head for the hors d’oeuvres.
Spinney 3
Mary Drumm appears in a contemplative frame of mind.
Spinney 4
So many choices, says Dick Drumm.
Spinney 7
Debbie Rodriguez and Bill Dowd solving the problems of the world.
Spinney 8
Roberto Martinez and Pat Bailey deep in conversation.
Spinney 11
Lois Hannan making sure all is running well.
Spinney 10
Roberto relaxes alongside Doris Calamaras.
Spinney 9
Dinner table chat.
Carol, Dean Calamaras appear lost in thought.







SRC and family gets social, over ice cream

Co-host Pat Bailey setting up the ice cream bar.

No one screamed for it, but there were plenty of smiles at the “Sundaes On Sunday” ice cream social held this afternoon by co-hosts Debbie Rodriguez and Pat Bailey at Debbie’s residence.

Besides the co-hosts and “auxiliary host” Chuck Rodriguez, Andy and Kara Leyhane and kids, Roberto Martinez, Carol Orvis, April and Bill Dowd, Dick and Mary Drumm, Phil Kellerman, Jim Leyhane, and Ray and Lois Hannan got together on a beautiful summer afternoon to enjoy some cold desserts and warm conversations. The event was part of the “SRC Summer Casual” schedule.

Next up is a “Get-Together At the Clubhouse,” at The Spinney at Pond View’s clubhouse at 6 p.m. this Thursday, hosted by Ray and Lois Hannan. If you’d like to attend, please be sure to bring a small appetizer or dessert. And, of course, be sure to RSVP by email to no later than this Monday.

Here are a few  more scenes from today’s event:

Carol Orvis, Bill Dowd, and Chuck Rodriguez discuss driving experiences in NYC.
Pat Bailey, April Dowd, and Carol Orvis in a meeting of the White Pants Society.
President Andy Leyhane chats with our upcoming president for, oh, say 2038.
Once again, hydroponically growing future Rotarians.
Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 7.43.09 PM
Lily keeping a vigil should Phil Kellerman inadvertently drop anything.
Jim Leyhane in laid-back mode.
Dick Drumm preaching to the choir: Mary Drumm and Roberto Martinez.
With apologies to Chuck Berry, “Roll Over, Beethoven.”
Kara Leyhane gets ready to hydrate, with Lois and Ray in the background.
Lots more donations were dropped off for our “School Supplies Drive.” The deadline for contributing is this Thursday, August 16.


Gray skies didn’t dampen picnic/ballgame outing

Overcast skies didn’t fulfill their threat of a downpour.

While some parts of the Capital Region endured another rainy evening, the skies over Joseph L. Bruno Stadium somehow held their water long enough on Wednesday for a small SRC contingent of Rotarians, familiy, and friends to enjoy our annual pavilion picnic and ValleyCats pro baseball game. (The home team won, 8-7, by the way.)

This was yet another event on our “SRC Summer Casual” schedule. Next up is this Sunday’s 4 to 6 p.m. “Sundaes On Sunday” ice cream social at Debbie Rodriguez’s residence, co-hosted by Pat Bailey.

Meanwhile, here are a few more scenes from the ValleyCats event:








A new venue + chicken teriyaki + y’all = a good time for everyone

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 12.01.28 AMOK, you should have received our message about making reservations for our August 12 “Sundaes On Sunday” event either via website, Facebook, or email. Now, we’re asking for RSVP’s for another event — the “Picnic at The Spinney Clubhouse.”

This “SRC Summer Casual” event is yet another family-friendly gathering, this one to be hosted by Ray and Lois Hannan at the clubhouse at The Spinney at Pond View complex where they recently took up residence.

The address is 2500 Pond View Drive, Castleton, located just ½ mile from Exit 10 off I-90 East. The time and address: 6 p.m. Thursday, August 16. The reservation deadline is Monday, August 13 (contact the Hannans via email at

The menu will be a tasty one — chicken teriyaki, fingerling potatoes, vegetable, and tossed salad — augmented by attendees’ dishes as everyone is asked to bring an appetizer or a dessert. The gathering will be BYOB. The Hannans will provide non-alcoholic beverages.

As we near the end of our “SRC Summer Casual” calendar for July and August, we strongly urge all SRC members and families to make a real effort to interact with their fellow Rotarians and get to know each other even better in this growing organization dedicated to public service and fellowship.


Our Clynk recyclables push tops 2,000 mark

Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 3.12.25 PM

We’ve had our account with the Clynck recyclable container service for just a few months, but we’ve already topped the 2,000 mark!

The graphic above shows the environmental impact of turning in that number of deposit cans and bottles for redemption and recycling. And, in the bargain, we’ve earned well over $100 for the SRC general treasury with lots more to come — assuming the liquid-consuming days of late summer create more returnables.

We handed out a lot of of the official recycling bags and bar code stickers — both of which are mandatory for SRC to get credit for the returns — at the Mac-Haydn Theatre night out, but we have plenty of more. Just let project coordinator Bill Dowd know what you need.


‘Sundaes on Sunday’ coming up; let us know your plans one way or the other

Screen Shot 2018-08-04 at 9.49.47 PM

Who likes ice cream? Probably only you … and, your significant others … and your kids and/or grandkids … and maybe even a few friends.

Take advantage of their good taste to enjoy another good taste — a family-friendly “SRC Summer Casual” social event called “Sundaes On Sunday,” to be co-hosted by Debbie Rodriguez and Pat Bailey from 4 to 6 p.m. on Sunday, August 12, at Debbie’s residence.

We need to know by email whether you plan to join us, or whether you are declining the invitation, no later than this coming Tuesday, August 7. (Debbie’s email address is and Pat’s is While this is not a dinner event (note the hours) they still need to know who’s planning to attend so they can shop for all the goodies for the make-your-own ice cream sundae bar.

This looks to be a fun, kid-friendly event that won’t take much time and, given that it is scheduled for a Sunday afternoon, it will allow those who have difficulty participating in our weekday events to reconnect with our Rotary family, something we strongly encourage.

We hope to see you there!