October 6, 2022 Meeting moved to Zoom.

With Moscatiello’s unable to fit our group for our regular in person meeting this Thursday, October 6, 2022, we will be meeting virtually using Zoom. The meeting will begin at 6:15 which is earlier than our normal Zoom meeting time. The link will be made available on the calendar page of the website. Looking forward to seeing everyone again this Thursday.

Meeting Clipboard: 9/29/22

MEMBERS ATTENDING (16): Peter Brown, Debbie Brown, Roberto Martinez, Jim Leyhane, Dick Drumm, Andy Leyhane, Pat Bailey, Phil Kellerman, Terry Brewer, Debbie Rodriguez and Ray Hannan. By Zoom: Kevin Leyhane, Charlie Foote, Dean Calamaras, Doris Calamaras, and Murray Forth.


President-Elect Peter Brown called the meeting to order.


Theme for the Year – “Growing Fellowship and Service Locally and Globally”. Service projects and guest speakers should relate to this theme. 

Hybrid Meeting – Tonight is our first hybrid meeting.  Thank you to all involved for making this possible especially Jim Leyhane and Roberto Martinez.  We ask for patience as we work through the technology challenges. Roberto Martinez reported that he called Denise DeNoto (District President) to inquire about other Clubs using the hybrid meeting model. Ms. DeNoto will check to see if there are any District funds available to help offset the cost of a hybrid meeting startup.

Proxy Votes – Reminder, if unable to attend at meeting, proxy votes can be submitted to President Kevin Leyhane. We will look at amending the by-laws to expand the number of members who can accept a proxy vote.

Remind App – Per Kevin Leyhane, nine members have joined the group. The Remind App allows group texting for quicker sharing of information in the case of rescheduling, proxy voting, and may serve as a quick reminder for events. To join the group:

                                    Send a text to the number:  81010

                                    Text this message:  @srcrot

Scheduling of Speakers – We can begin to start scheduling speakers for the upcoming year.  We are looking for speakers that relate back to our theme for the year.  If you have an idea for a speaker, contact Peter Brown or Kevin Leyhane. Ray Hannan will contact Judge Young to check availability for speaking in late November or December. Roberto Martinez noted that we are looking into getting a Club Zoom subscription.

ShelterBox Update – Please continue to contribute using Clynk donations.

Gift of Life Update – The update from the Golf Tournament and the Raffle it not yet available.  Kevin Leyhane reported that he was contacted by a real estate agent about removing the clothing donation box located in the Schodack Plaza. Jim Leyhane provided a contact for removing the box.

NYS Approved Rotary International License Plates – From Bill Dowd, the Rotary license plates are now available. Kevin Leyhane will post information and how to order a plate on the website this weekend.

NYCR Danes Rotaract – Reminder, Rotaract is planning a seminar to be held on World Polio Day (October 24, 2022) on Campus at 1 pm.

Exchange Student Program – Peter Brown reported that he, Jim Leyhane and Suzanna Bernd (Rotary District Exchange Program representative) met with Jeff Simon (Superintendent of the East Greenbush Central School District) and Michael Harkin (Principal of Columbia High School) about re-establishing the exchange program. Both Mr. Simon and Mr. Harkin were receptive. Ms. Bernd will put together information on the program to share with Columbia High School and Maple Hill High School. Next steps will include meeting with school clubs that might have interested students. It was noted that four host families are required per student. Each family will host the student for three months.

Currently there are seven international exchange students in our District. There are thirty-seven countries in which exchange is available. Along with the yearlong exchange program, there is a shorter one-month summer program. The U.S. State Department added requirements for host families and students. Rotary has partnered with Essex (Eastern State Student Exchange). Essex does the work to make sure that Rotary is in compliance with the Federal requirements.

Boy Scouts – Jim Leyhane reported that Alex Manning is the first Eagle Scout since Covid started. He will order the Eagle Plaque. The Eagle Scout ceremony will be held at Schodack Town Park on October 10th at 5:30 pm. Jim will also sign the Scout Charter on behalf of SRC Rotary to sponsor the Scouts next year.

Richard Drumm DAF – Phil Keller will call a meeting and report back on the status of the endowment.

Next Meeting – Thursday, October 6, dinner at 6:00 pm at Moscatiello’s Italian Family Restaurant, Route 4, North Greenbush. Also, you can join the by Zoom using the link on the websites calendar page. Please note: all meetings will now be at 6 pm unless otherwise notified.

Let’s Talk!

Our Rotary member Phil Kellerman retired recently from the Oley Foundation. Post retirement, Phil is participating with LEAD (Foundation for Language Education and Development). LEAD has been operating since 2003. The Foundation “engages in campaigns and programs that promote education, language development and overall well-being for English learning and bilingual students, families and communities.” LEAD raises approximately $10,000 annually with 90% of the funding going directly to students, educators, and/or families.  “LEAD provides financial and educational support to high achieving students to attend college under the Dare to Dream fund and provides financial support to children of migrant farmworkers under the Pamela Wrigley Scholarship Fund.” You can learn more about LEAD at www.languageeducate.org and/or contact Phil Kellerman. 

Meeting Clipboard: 9/22/22

MEMBERS ATTENDING (16): Kevin Leyhane, Charlie Foote, Roberto Martinez, Jim Leyhane, Phil Kellerman, Becky Raymond, Peter Brown, Debbie Brown, Dick Drumm, John Justino, Pat Bailey, Dean Calamaras, Doris Calamaras, Murray Forth, Debbie Rodriguez.


President Kevin Leyhane called the meeting to order, noting the presence of a quorum.


• HYBRID MEETINGS — Members viewed a short video on hybrid meetings produced by one of the Upstate New York Rotary Clubs. The hybrid meeting option allows members to meet in person or join the meeting via Zoom.  Next week, September 29th, the Club will attempt its first hybrid meeting. The login for the meeting is still located on the website Calendar Page. Equipment requirements for a hybrid meeting include a laptop, cell phone used as a camara, a microphone and speakers. Roberto Martinez and Jim Leyhane purchased the microphones and portable speakers needed for the hybrid meeting.

• PROXIES — According to the Club’s by-laws, proxies are to be sent to the Club President. Kevin Leyhane will look at amending the by-laws so proxies can also be submitted to other Club Board members and look at what should constitute a quorum based on current membership numbers. Once the proposed changes are drafted, the changes will be posted for membership review for 10 days prior to membership vote.

• REMIND APP— The app was introduced at last week’s meeting. President Kevin Leyhane asks that members who have not yet done so to please sign up. The app allows for group texting for sharing of information faster in the event that meetings are canceled/rescheduled, proxy voting and may serve as a quick reminder for upcoming events. Text is limited to 150 characters. To join the Rotary Group:

Sent a text to the number: 81010

Text this message: @srcrot

• EXCHANGE PROGRAM — Peter Brown reports that Jim Leyhane has arranged a meeting with the Superintendent and the High School Principal of the East Greenbush School District for next Monday. The Rotary District Representative for the Exchange Program, Suzanne Burne, will also attend. There has been no definitive response to date from the Schodack School District.

• GUEST SPEAKERS — As a reminder, the SRC Rotary policy is not to have any political speakers scheduled prior to the election day. Please schedule political speakers any time after election day.

• ROTARACT — John Justino reported that Rotaract has four new members (three students and one alumnus). They held an informational session on Rotaract. They had five/six students attend the session. Several of the students expressed interest in joining Rotaract. They are planning a seminar to be held on World Polio Day (October 24, 2022) on Campus at 1 pm.

• NEXT MEETING    Thursday, September 29, dinner at 6:00 pm at Moscatiello’s Italian Family Restaurant, Route 4, North Greenbush. Also, you can join the by Zoom using the link on the websites calendar page. Please note: all meetings will now be at 6 pm unless otherwise notified.

We Are Back!

Our first meeting of the Rotary year at Moscatiello’s Italian Family Restaurant.

MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE (10): Peter and Debbie Brown, Dick Drumm, Roberto Martinez, Jim Leyhane, Phil Kellerman, Murry Forth, Debbie Rodriguez, Andy Leyhane and Ray Hannan.


President Elect Peter Brown called the meeting to order.


• THEME FOR THE YEAR – As discussed at the Board meeting, we are considering “Growing Fellowship and Service Locally and Globally” as the theme for this year. Service projects and guest speakers would relate to the theme.

• STUDENT EXCHANGE PROGRAM – Peter Brown discussed his interest in restarting the International Youth Exchange Program. The Program is still operating. There is someone at the Rotary District level overseeing the exchange program. We will check with our District to see if this person can present at one of our upcoming meetings. Jim Leyhane offered to contact Jeff Simons about restarting the Program. In the future we hope to make presentations at the local high schools to both parents and students. These types of programs can generate community interest and participation in Rotary.

REMIND APP – The app allows for group texting for sharing of information faster in the event that meetings are canceled/rescheduled, proxy voting and may serve as a quick reminder for upcoming events. Text is limited to 150 characters. To join the Rotary Group:

Sent a text to the number: 81010

Text this message: @srcrot

PROXY VOTES – If unable to attend a meeting, members should submit their proxy to President Kevin Leyhane. Proxy votes may also be submitted using the Remind App text notification.

• SPEAKERS – We can begin scheduling speakers for the year. As noted, we are looking for speakers that relate back to the theme for this year. If you have an idea for a speaker, contact Peter Brown or President Kevin Leyhane.

SHELTER BOX – Roberto Martinez reported that $250 from the sale of the lanterns will be sent to Shelter Box. Please continue to contribute to Shelter Box through your CLYNK donations.

GIFT OF LIFE – Please donate your clothing and other items to the Gift of Life donation boxes.

BARROW OF BOOZE RAFFLE – The drawing was held, and the winner is Roberto Martinez. Congratulations! Proceeds from the raffle will be used to obtain the equipment needed to establish a hybrid meeting and for club operating expenses.

MEETING SCHEDULE – Next week, September 22, will be a Zoom meeting at 7 pm. The following week, we hope to be up and running with a hybrid option allowing members to meet in person or join the meeting via Zoom. We are working on obtaining the necessary hardware and internet access.

With a Start of the New Rotary Year, a Return to Moscatiello’s

With the start of the new Rotary Year we will be returning to Moscatiello’s on Thursday, September 15, 2022 at 6:00pm. The meeting schedule for the first few weeks will consist of an in-person meeting on September 15th followed by a Zoom meeting on September 22, 2022 at 7:00pm. On September 29, 2022 we hope to have in place the hardware to hold a successful hybrid meeting allowing members and guests the ability to join the meeting either in person or virtual via Zoom. Stay tuned in for updates as they will be posted on the Club Calendar. Looking forward to seeing everyone on the 15th of September.

Last Meeting of the Summer, a Return to Moscatiello’s

Our last meeting of the summer on September 1, 2022 was hosted at Moscatiello’s Italian Family Restaurant, and featured a menu choice of spaghetti and meatballs or chicken Ceasar salad.

Meeting was called to order by President Elect Peter Brown.

Members in attendance: Peter and Debbie Brown, Dick Drumm, Roberto Martinez, Jim Leyhane, Terry Brewer, Phil Kellerman, and Ray Hannah.

Guests in attendance: Betty Brewer

Meeting business:

Phil Kellerman served as a representative of the Southern Rensselaer County Rotary Club as he was a guest speaker for the Glenville Rotary Club. Phil’s presentation topic was immigration, and we appreciate his service as an ambassador of our club.

Terry Brewer suggested holding another Cafe Capriccio to financially support our club scholarships. As in the past, the grand prize would feature a private dinner at Cafe Capriccio for 13 guests. Details will be finalized in the upcoming weeks.

Tickets for barrow of booze are continued to be sold by Jim Leyhane. Drawing will take place at our upcoming September 15, 2022 meeting. Profits will go to hardware and software to support our hybrid zoom meetings and club initiatives.

ShelterBox update: Our Clynk recycling program, along with a generous personal donation from Bill Dowd netted $500 to donate to ShelterBox. Now that all ShelterBox Luminaid lights have been sold, the Club will also be sending ShelterBox a donation of $250. Clynk recycling bags can be purchased at any Hannaford customer service counter. If you are in need of bar code stickers for the bags, please contact Bill Dowd.

Gift of Life update: It was noted that local clothing donation boxes generate around $1000 dollars per year per box for the Gift of Life. The Gift of Life’s annual golf tournament is set for September 12, 2022. Southern Rensselaer County Rotary members, Jim Leyhane, Dean and Doris Calamaras, and AJ Amato are sponsoring 3 foursomes for the golf tournament. Raffle tickets to support the Gift of Life featuring cash prizes, are also available from Jim and Dean, and the drawing will take place after the tournament.

Due to the Labor Day Holiday there will be no regular scheduled meeting this week. We will return to Moscatiello’s on September 15, 2022 at 6:00pm.

There will be a Southern Rensselaer County Rotary Club Board meeting on September 11, 2022 at 6:00pm at Jim Leyhane’s house. A light supper will be provided.

SRC helps Pakistani flood victims; more aid needed

One of the many Pakistani children displaced by summer flooding.

Persistent, devastating summer floods in Pakistan have prompted ShelterBox to make an emergency appeal for funds to aid those stricken.

SRC Rotary will be sending a $500 check, the latest in a years-long string of contributions, from combined funds of $331.85 from the club’s Clynk recycling program and the remainder from Rotarian Bill Dowd, the club’s ShelterBox liaison. If you wish to add to that total, you can do it online.

Since June, torrential monsoon rains and floods have inundated large swathes of Pakistan, dumping up to five times the 30-year average rainfall and impacting at least 33 million people, according to the Pakistani government. 

More than 1,000 people — a third of them children– have died, and the death toll is expected to rise as flash flooding continues. Sp far, an estimated 200,000 homes have been swept away and another 450,000 have been damaged. Livestock, crops and orchards are gone, robbing families of their livelihoods.

“This is a calamity of biblical proportions,” UNICEF Pakistan Representative Abdullah Fadil told the BBC World Service on Monday of this week. “It’s worse than the 2010-2011 floods, and it now has impacted all the provinces in the country.” 

Meanwhile, please make a point of continuing to participate in the Clynk recycling program. Bill has mailed out the necessary bar code stickers to a half-dozen club members as they requested this week.

To get involved, simply purchase green recycling bags — the only kind accepted by Clynk — at any Hannaford supermarket customer service counter, request the stickers from Bill, then just fill the bags with recyclable beverage containers and take them to a Hannaford. There, all you need to do is use the scanner gun to record the bar code and drop the bag in the chute. No sorting, rinsing, etc. required.