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What Can You Tell Me About Rotary?

Well, for starters, Rotary International is a global association of independently-run Rotary Clubs with 1.23 million members. Its volunteer members and staff work without regard to nationality, race, religion, age gender, etc., to improve communities everywhere in the fields of health, education, human services and peace.

Its administration, headquartered in the Chicago suburb of Evanston, IL, is handled by officers, directors, and committees chosen from areas all over the world. Its purpose is to provide not only a framework on which the clubs can build, but also to service all clubs in consistency and effectiveness.

Rotary holds an International Convention once a year (in June 2020 the host city will be Honolulu) to transact the business of the organization and to encourage people from all countries to get to know each other and share information and ideas through business, discussion, and social activities.

The world of Rotary is divided into Zones. Zones are divided into numbered Districts (we’re in 7190). Each District is served by an elected District Governor and a set of District officers and committees. Each individual Rotary Club is guided by officers and directors elected by club members. The club has a constitution and bylaws controlling its actions. The Rotary Year runs from July 1 through June 30.

How Do I Qualify for Membership?

We are very ecumenical, accepting energetic men and women 21 and older who are of good character and good standing in the community, and we celebrate diversity of every kind. The individual candidate may be involved in a business or profession, or be a full-time homemaker, a retiree, or even a self-supporting non-worker. Current members nominate and sponsor prospective members. And, we offer “Corporate” and “Family” memberships for those whose schedules may not currently allow full-time participation but wish to share a membership with others in their group.

How Involved Do I Have To Be?

Membership in Rotary is an honor and a privilege. As such, there is no privilege that does not involve a set of corresponding responsibilities. One of the key obligations of Rotary is regularity of participation in some fashion, through such things as regular meetings, work projects, fundraising events, social activities, and so forth. Being busy is no excuse for not being involved, for all Rotarians are busy persons. That is one of the characteristics that makes them a force in their community. As we tell incoming members during their investiture, “While no one can do everything, everyone can do something.”

In addition to being involved with some of our many community and global service initiatives, including those that often spring from their own individual ideas and passions, Rotarians can stay in contact with the organization by doing makeup visits at any other Rotary club in the world; you’re always welcomed by other clubs in this truly global organization.

You also can stay active via a wide range of Rotary Fellowship groups that are associations of Rotarians everywhere who share common outside interests; by being  active online with an “e” club, and there are other possibilities that arise from time to time.

What Will Membership Cost Me?

Besides your time and effort? Not very much. Annual individual dues in the SRC Rotary Club are just $150 for the first year of membership, rising to $175 in the second year and thereafter Our “Family” and “Corporate” group memberships at just $350 cover an unlimited number of members, although such entities qualify for just a single vote on matters coming before the membership.

All dues are payable by June 30 for the Rotary fiscal year which annually commences on July 1. However,  if it is easier for you, dues may be paid in two equal installments, by June 30 and by December 1. That would mean the initial payment for first-year people would be only $75, or $175 for “Family” and “Corporate” groups. Dues help support local and global initiatives of the club, the district and Rotary International.

OK, It’s Cheap and You Have Me Interested. What Do I Do Next?

It would be a good idea to investigate a little more about the huge range and reach of this global service organization before making your final decision. We strongly recommend you spend a little time browsing through the pages on our club website, listed under “Inside Information.” They should answer a lot of your other questions and even provide information you didn’t know to ask about.

Then, when you’re ready to pay us a visit at a dinner meeting, just drop us an email at SRCrotary1960@gmail.com and we’ll get you set up.

Meanwhile, you can read and/or download copies of our membership application forms by clicking on your choice below:

SRC Individual Application Form

SRC Group/Family Application Form

If you’d like to directly contact President Kevin Leyhane, you can email him at KRL1873@aol.com, or call him at 518-326-0785 if you’d prefer.