Reservation deadlines for ‘Summer Casual’ events

We hope you and your family — and friends as well! — will join us at one or more of our “Summer Casual” events in July and August.

We have a few pressing reservation deadlines to facilitate planning, as follows:

Screen Shot 2019-06-17 at 12.49.01 PMIf you plan to attend the private-room dinner and chatfest at the Schodack Diner, 1842 Columbia Turnpike, on Thursday, July 11, you’ll need to contact event coordinator Ray Hannan ( no later than Thursday, June 27 (the date of our Presidential Changeover Dinner, which we hope you will attend at Jim Leyhane’s residence). $15 per person or $25 per couple. Proceeds go to the club treasury.

Screen Shot 2019-06-17 at 12.51.02 PMIf you plan to attend our annual outing to Bruno Stadium at HVCC on Thursday, July 18, for a pavilion picnic and ValleyCats game you need to let event coordinator Terry Brewer ( know by Wednesday, July 10, how many tickets you will need. He will distribute the tickets on July 11. After that, you’re on your own.

Screen Shot 2019-06-17 at 12.52.48 PMIf you plan to attend our annual outing to the Mac-Haydn Theater (for a performance of “Ragtime: The Musical”) and/or a pre-theater dinner at Yiannis at the Chatham House on Thursday, August 1, you’ll need to contact event coordinator Debbie Brown ( by July 4.

Screen Shot 2019-06-17 at 1.01.43 PMIf you plan to attend the Thursday, July 25, Pool Party & Cookout being hosted by Jim Leyhane, you’ll need to let Jim know ( by Friday, July 12. The EG Student Advisory Council will be our special guests. Bring an appetizer or dessert. $15 per person or $25 per family. Proceeds go to the club treasury.

NOTE: We still need people to step forward to host or coordinate events the weeks of August 8, 15, and 22. As always, the events need not be on a Thursday if another day works better for all concerned.



Troy Rotary’s 1st public session goes well

Organizer Kareem Jandali (right) speaks at first Troy Rotary public meeting.

About 30 people, including SRC Rotarians Bill Dowd and Terry Brewer, turned out for the first public meeting of the under-development Troy Rotary Club on Wednesday evening at the Troy Kitchen food hall and entertainment venue.

The group of curious Troy residents and business people was treated to finger foods and a cash bar as well as a presentation by Past District Governor Fred Daniels and District Governor-Elect Larry Jones. Terry and Bill both spoke to the crowd in their roles as liaison between the Troy club and SRC, which is its sponsor.

Interest in formally applying for Rotary membership appeared strong, and we picked up three guaranteed corporate memberships. Several people stepped up as officer candidates (RI requires a minimum of a president, treasurer, and secretary to form a club), and one volunteered to create a closed group on Facebook to facilitate club communications.

Although this was the first public meeting, the project has been in the planning stages for several months. A summer schedule has been outlined that will include several networking sessions and public service project dates. The next open public meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. Wednesday, June 19, again at Troy Kitchen, 77 Congress Street. (Its owner, Cory Booker, was the first recruit for the club, which is being spearheaded by Kareem Jandali, already a Rotarian.)

Troy Rotary A1
About half the attendees get together for a post-meeting photo.



RSVP for SRC scholarship night THIS Thursday

Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 4.46.57 PMOK, so we said last week it would be Scholarship Night, but it wasn’t. It WILL be this Thursday at Quigley’s and we’d like to have as many Rotarians as possible on hand for this annual event.

We will be presenting $1,000 scholarship checks to graduating seniors from Columbia, Maple Hill, and Renselaer high schools, a philanthropic effort funded each year by the hard work and generosity of SRC members.

The menu will feature Quigley’s popular lasagna, plus antipasto salad, chef’s choice of side dishes, garlic bread, dessert, and beverages. As always, dinner coordinator Debbie Brown ( needs an accurate headcount for purposes of providing adequate seating and food without last-second scrambling. If your name is not on the following list, please be sure she receives your RSVP no later than Tuesday evening.

Bailey, Pat
Brewer, Terry
Brown, Debbie
Brown, Peter
Dowd, Bill
Drumm, Dick
Forth, Murray
Hannan, Ray
Kellerman, Phil
Leyhane, Andy
Leyhane, Jim
Leyhane, Kevin

Orvis, Carol
Simon, Jeff

Come meet our scholarship winners

Screen Shot 2019-06-03 at 4.46.57 PMOne of our most rewarding and favorite events each year is the presentation of scholarship awards to graduating seniors from local high schools.

That’s what we’ll be doing at this Thursday’s 6:15 p.m. dinner meeting at Quigley’s, and we’d sure like to have you in attendance to help show Rotary’s strong commitment to supporting youths in the community.

We will be presenting $1,000 scholarship checks to one student each from Columbia, Maple Hill, and Rensselaer high schools. They will be accompanied by school officials and parents, so we need a solid turnout of SRC members.

And, a special guest — Tom Burdick, president of the District’s Gift of Life — will be visiting to give us a brief update on that organization that we continue to support in its lifesaving efforts for children from abroad.

The dinner menu includes an entree of roast pork, chef’s selection of side dishes, antipasto salad, bread, dessert, and beverages. And, the cash bar is available as always.

If you haven’t yet made your reservation for Thursday, please do so with dinner coordinator Debbie Brown at no later than Tuesday evening so she can arrange for adequate food and seating and avoid last-minute confusion.




Update: ‘Summer Casual’ events scheduling

UPDATE (5/28/19): We quickly received our first activity, from Terry Brewer who once again is arranging a trip to HVCC’s Bruno Stadium for a ValleyCats baseball game and pavilion picnic. Save the date: July 18.



Believe it or not, we are just a little more than a month from the start of our annual “Summer Casual Calendar,” that July-August period in which we switch to a less rigorous, more social schedule.

It covers the weeks that are home to the following Thursday dates:

• July 11
• July 18
• July 25
• August 1
• August 8
• August 15
• August 22

(Note: Events are not required to be held on Thursdays if another day of the week works better for a particular activity. )

As most of you know, in recent years the “Summer Casual Calendar” has been a mix of cookouts, pool parties, baseball games, summer theater performances, and other family-oriented get-togethers. Guests are always welcome, and it’s a good time to let potential members get to know us in a relaxed setting, or for you to personally contact members whose participation has been lagging to get re-energized with Rotary.

How, you may ask, do we come up with activities? It’s totally up to you, our members. Some organize field trips, some like to host a pool party and/or a cookout, some come up with other imaginative activities.

The key is planning well ahead so people with busy summer schedules know ASAP what dates to reserve.

As always, the club president coordinates the dates, with the help of the webmaster. For this summer, that means Phil Kellerman and Bill Dowd, plus anyone else President-elect Phil may designate. So, if you plan to get involved as an event organizer, the first thing to do is pick a date and let Phil and Bill both know what it is and what the event is so it can get on the “Summer Casual Calendar.”

Looking forward to your ideas!

Time running out on 2018-19 Rotary Year

Screen Shot 2019-05-27 at 7.28.55 PM
Peter Berry

It’s not often we hear from one of our own, but this Thursday our newest member, Peter Berry, will be our guest speaker.

Peter, a returning Rotarian who is back in the States after years in South Africa, will provide us with insights in a talk entitled “Taking the Most Out of Rotary, from Rotaract Till Now.

Including this week’s session, we have only five events remaining on our 2018-19 Rotary Year schedule. (See chart below.)

Another drawing card for Thursday is the dinner entree, Quigley’s popular Chicken Parmesan, to be accompanied by an antipasto salad, chef’s selections of side dishes, bread, dessert, coffee, and soft drinks. And, if you need one more attraction, just remember the cash bar always is available.

The following members already have made their reservations. If you plan to join us, please be sure you email dinner coordinator Debbie Brown at no later than this Tuesday evening so we can have enough food and seating available. Guests always welcome, but we need to have them included in the headcount.

• Bailey, Pat
• Berry, Peter
• Brown, Debbie
• Brown, Peter
• Dowd, Bill
• Drumm, Dick
• Foote, Charlie
• Forth, Murray
• Kellerman, Phil
• Leyhane, Andy
• Leyhane, Jim
• Rodriguez, Debbie

Screen Shot 2019-05-27 at 7.11.53 PM


‘Recycling & Shredding Day’ a sunshiny event

The weather cooperated on Saturday for the latest “SRC Recyling & Shredding Day” fundraiser. All proceeds go toward supporting our youth scholarship program and other selected community service efforts.

Thanks to all who helped make this another successful effort in support of environmental protection, and special thanks to Josh Wainman for arranging the use of the Wainschaf Associates facility.

Some images from the day:

Murray Forth always gets the best toys.
Three generations of Leyhanes.
Terry and Geoff Brewer play bookends to Andy Leyhane and Phil Kellerman.
Roberto Martinez and Jim Leyhane survey the treasure pile.
Debbie Rodriguez and Ray & Lois Hannan guard the cash box.
Dean Calamaras and Dick Drumm await the customers.
Carol Orvis joins Debbie & Peter Brown at the checkout table.
Metal items of every description were dropped off.
Roberto shows off his Rotary chapeau.