2nd annual fundraising letter in the (e)mail

From President Debbie Rodriguez (sent via email today to all members):

Last fall, we successfully instituted a fundraising effort that gave members the opportunity to contribute to the club treasury or specific recipients of their choice.

The impetus was the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic on activities usually spent raising funds to support numerous local and global initiatives.

Although things have eased slightly, we’re still not able to undertake some of our past major events such as bowl-a-thons, virtual golfing, and recycling days. So, we’re again asking all members to make direct financial contributions according to their means and philosophy.

To decide on a contribution level, we’re suggesting that since we now are alternating virtual and in-person meetings, you may want to donate the $25 you are not spending for meals on alternate weeks: i.e., we have approximately 20 virtual meetings set for the remainder of the 2021-22 Rotary Year. That means $500 not being spent on dinner meetings over that period.

If you could contribute that amount, or any portion of it, to Rotary, it would help offset the lack of major fundraisers. Your contribution could be designated for the general treasury or toward specific efforts we’ve supported in the past — such as ShelterBox, Gift of Life, Circles of Mercy, Blue Star Mothers, Polio Plus, scholarships, the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards seminars (RYLA), various food pantries, Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI), etc. — or any combination of those items as you wish. And, if it is more comfortable to do so, you can split your contribution into two separate donations –- one now, one in March, for example.

Your contribution level will be kept confidential. Only Treasurer Murray Forth will have access to that information so he can distribute money as you and other members instruct.

Please send your checks, as soon as possible, made payable to SRC Rotary (with an accompanying note designating how you want the contribution distributed), to SRC Rotary, P.O. Box 71, East Greenbush, NY 12061.

Thank you for your ongoing contributions to the important work of Rotary, whether financial, personal effort, or both. By practicing “Service Above Self,” we do our best to make the world a better place.

2nd-half dues payment deadline nears

The deadline for submitting the second installment of your 2021-22 Rotary dues, for those who pay in two parts, is coming up.

Please be sure Treasurer Murray Forth receives your check, made payable to “SRC Rotary,” no later than December 1. It can be mailed to the club at P.O. Box 71, East Greenbush, NY 12061.

Sounds like a long way off? Check the calendar. It’s only 30 days from now.

Our club is required to report the current paid membership to RI by the end of December, so we need all dues collected with enough time to allow for the proper paperwork to be completed and submitted.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Tax-deductible donations to our new fund

Vice President Terry Brewer, who has been doing yeoman work as part of our Subcommittee On Foundations, today shared the following official information on donating to our in-development Donor Advised Fund (DAF), recently approved by the SRC Board:

“If you wish to donate to the Donor Advised Fund, here’s how: Make your check payable to ‘TRF Donor Advised Fund,’ and in the memo line write ‘The Dr. Richard Drumm Fund,’ and mail your check to Southern Rensselaer County Rotary Club, P.O. Box 71, East Greenbush, NY 12061.”

Donations made in this manner are fully tax deductible. Our DAF, named in honor of our current club president and charter member, is administered through the Rotary Foundation, although we retain control over financial grants and awards made by it.

Catching up on club financial notes

Rotary Cash

• We missed several major fundraisers because of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown (bowl-a-thon, recycling day, etc.). Thus, it is with pleasure we can report that Thursday’s Presidential Changeover dinner raised $680 for the club treasury. Many thanks to Dick, our incoming club president, and Mary Drumm for  not only hosting the outdoor event, but for underwriting the catering fee which allowed all monies from several dozen attendees to go directly to the club.

Screen Shot 2020-06-28 at 6.55.07 PM

• We must soon submit our annual payment to Rotary International, which means we are counting on all membership dues to be paid promptly for the 2020-21 Rotary Year. The deadline is July 1, the start of the new fiscal year, as noted in an earlier announcement. Dues remain at just $175 per individual member or $350 for “Family” or “Corporate” group memberships covering an unlimited number of members.  If it is easier for you, dues may be paid in two equal installments, by June 30 and by December 31. The initial partial payment for individuals is only $87.50, or $175 for “Family” and “Corporate” groups. Please send checks, payable to “SRC Rotary Club,” to Southern Rensselaer County Rotary Club, P.O. Box 71, East Greenbush, NY 12061.

Screen Shot 2019-03-14 at 8.56.26 PM

• We’re still involved in the CLYNK returnable beverage container program. More bags and tags were distributed at the Presidential Changeover event, but if you’ve run out of the official green bags (the only ones that may be used), you can pick up a box for less than $2 at any Hannaford supermarket. If you need the bar code stickers that must be attached to them, just contact Bill Dowd (518-238-1950 or BillDowd4Troy@gmail.com) and he’ll mail you some. All proceeds from the deposit returns go to our club treasury. And, remember you do not have to rinse and sort the metal, plastic, or glass containers. Just stick them in the correct bag, slap on a sticker, and scan the bar code at any Hannaford drop-off window. A very easy fundraiser, so drink up!


• Because of ongoing social restrictions and uncertainties, to club events have been scheduled for July and August. That does not mean, however, that we’re giving up on the usual “Summer Casual” period. It’s not to late for some small bit of return to normalcy. If you have an idea about hosting or helping arrange an event — preferably one involving families and one we can use as a small fundraiser — please contact incoming President-elect Debbie Rodriguez (518-766-3451 or debannrod@yahoo.com) as soon as possible.

Screen Shot 2020-04-30 at 8.13.04 PM

As one of his final presidential acts for 2019-20, Phil Kellerman announced that the packet of required documents has been sent to the Internal Revenue Service as part of an effort to regain tax-exempt status for the club. Although it may be a slow process, we’ll be sure to keep club members informed of any progress.


Dues are due for 2020-21 Rotary Year

Rotary CashIt’s time for the annual reminder that dues for the upcoming Rotary Year should be submitted by July 1.

Checks, payable to “SRC Rotary,” may be given to Treasurer Murray Forth, or mailed to Southern Rensselaer County Rotary Club, P.O. Box 71, East Greenbush, NY 12061.

Annual individual dues remain at just $175 per individual member or $350 for “Family” or “Corporate” group memberships covering an unlimited number of members (although such entities have only a single vote on matters coming before the membership). If it is easier for you, dues may be paid in two equal installments, by June 30 and by December 31. The initial partial payment for individuals is only $87.50, or $175 for “Family” and “Corporate” groups.

As explained in our Club Bylaws: “Club annual dues will be based on dues levels set by Rotary International and District 7190 plus a Club membership fee of $20 above RI and District dues for first-year members and $30 above RI and District dues for all members after their first year. A $5 deduction from each member’s dues will become an annual contribution to the Rotary Foundation. All club fees are subject to modification by subsequent votes of the membership. Fees are payable annually no later than the last day of June, or semiannually no later than the last day of June and no later than the last day of December. Per Rotary International regulations, a portion of each payment shall be applied to each member’s subscription to the RI official magazine.”

Thank you for your cooperation.


In hiatus, work continues on club’s tax-exempt bid

Screen Shot 2020-04-03 at 5.56.21 PMA meeting was held Thursday via video conference to discuss the re-application process for IRS tax exempt status for the club.

Phil Kellerman hosted the meeting, with participation from Terry Brewer, Roberto Martinez, Jim Lehayne and Murray Forth.

It was agreed that Murray would begin the process of completing 990-EZ forms for past years which need to be submitted to the IRS along with the 1024A (“Application for Recognition for Exemption”). Terry and Phil will hold a ZOOM meeting on Friday to begin filling out the 1024A application.

The group agreed to hold a weekly ZOOM meeting on Thursday evenings to continue to move the process forward.