Our Clynk efforts tops 25,000 mark

Our Clynk environmental report

How are we doing with our ongoing push to redeem deposit containers and direct the proceeds to ShelterBox?

Pretty good on several fronts.

• The accompanying graphic shows our environmental impact.

• We recently sent a $400 check to the relief agency to help in its global work.

• And, another indicator of the support from across the SRC membership is that we recently topped the 25,000 mark of redeemed cans and glass and plastic bottles.

So, please keep up the good work. Or, if you haven’t yet joined in the Clynk initiative, please join your fellow Rotarians in this no-fuss ongoing fundraiser.

You can purchase a box of the official collection bags (the only bags accepted by the recycler) at any Hannaford market; ask Bill Dowd for the bar code stickers to affix to the bags, and drop off the full bags at any Hannaford redemption site where you simply scan the stickers and put the bags in the chute. That’s it. No need to rinse or separate the containers.

If you have any friends or family members who would like to join in this effort, just follow the same process to be sure they have the tools to have the redemption money credited to SRC’s Clynk account.

What’s our Clynk impact (besides money)?

Have you wondered about our collective environmental impact from recycling through Clynk?

The accompanying graphic gives you a bit of an idea. That’s in addition to the money we raise for ShelterBox (our most recent contribution was a check for $500.)



Remember, all you need to participate in our Clynk effort is an official collection bag (buy ’em at any Hannaford customer service counter), a bar code sticker (get ’em from Bill Dowd) and … oh, yes, some redeemable beverage containers.

No need to rinse or sort the glass, metal, or plastic containers. Simply stick them all in the same bag, stop in at a Hannaford market, use the bar code reader and drop the bag in the chute. Voila! Money for ShelterBox and less clutter in your house.

So, pack up all those holiday beverage containers. And, you don’t have to be a Rotarian to join the club’s effort.

Holiday frivolity, and welcome to a new member

A seasonal salute to Rotary.

After a year off because of you-know-what, the “SRC Holiday Party & Basket Silent Auction” returned on Thursday evening, with a large group assembling at Moscatiello’s Italian Family Restaurant for dinner, fellowship, and some catching up among people who hadn’t seen each other in a while.

In addition to the fun, we raised more than $600 for the club treasury through the silent auction.Thanks to all who contributed themed baskets, and to those who bid on them.

Another one of the highlights was the official induction of Tony Morris as a member of Rotary, with Jim Leyhane doing the honors. Tony has been part of SRC for a while, but COVID restrictions delayed the formality. Welcome, Tony!

The dinner was the last SRC event of 2021, but we are lining up plenty of activities for the new year. Just make a practice of regularly checking the website calendar page to stay in the loop.

Meanwhile, here are a few more scenes from the evening captured by Bill Dowd and Roberto. Special thanks to Debbie Brown for providing the floral table decorations. And, thanks to Roberto Martinez and Jim Leyhane for arranging the dinner.

It may look something like The Last Supper, but it isn’t. We’ll have more.

Tony raises the flag after his induction by Jim.

Bidding early, bidding often.

Tangible proof that the basket fundraiser was paying off.

Mary Drumm and the Brewers catching up.
Bill & April Dowd pose for the camera.
Phil Kellerman and Andy Leyhane exchange beer tips.
April visits with (some of) the Leyhanes.
Roberto Martinez and his infectious smile.
Tony & Debbie Morris await his induction.
Debbie Brown ponders a bid.
Pat Bailey and Chuck Rodriguez deep in financial discussion.
Some more relaxed chat.

A picture of contentment.

Some late Christmas shopping?

How are your raffle gift baskets coming along?

After a COVID-induced break in our annual Holiday Party & Gift Basket Raffle last December, we’re back on schedule with a 3B (basket bidding battle) dinner at Moscatiello’s on Thursday, December 16.

We’ve been dropping large hints on how to come up with a theme for your baskets (in the $35-or-so range to create) to help jump-start your imaginations. Here are some more.

To begin with, “baskets” can be any type of container, such as these:

Then, of course, the contents are up to you. In the past, we’ve had wine baskets, candy collections, cheeses-and-crackers, movie-and-popcorn combos, children’s toys, soaps and lotions, craft beers and munchies … It’s limited only by your imagination. And, if you feel particularly creative, don’t feel constrained to creating just one basket. The more the merrier!

For those new to the process, it’s a simple one. Baskets are arranged on tables with bidding sheets next to them. Party-goers jot down their bids, with the highest bidder winning the basket. All proceeds go to the club’s general treasury to help support our community service initiatives.

So, be sure to mark December 16 on your calendar and plan to join your fully vaxxed fellow Rotarians and their guests at Moscatiello’s to ring in the holiday season in fine form.

Wine treat basket

Green thumb collection

Bloody Mary in a basket
Italian dinner in a colander
Something to satisfy the sweet tooth

YMCA’s Thanksgiving basket drive under way

SRC President Debbie Rodriguez (left) presents a club check for $250 to SRC member Shannon Romanowski, director of the Greenbush YMCA, to help support the Y’s annual “Community Basket Brigade” for Thanksgiving.

The event feeds local families in need for the holiday, and the Y is accepting donations of money and basket items through Monday, November 15. Go here for details on the event and how you can participate.

2nd annual fundraising letter in the (e)mail

From President Debbie Rodriguez (sent via email today to all members):

Last fall, we successfully instituted a fundraising effort that gave members the opportunity to contribute to the club treasury or specific recipients of their choice.

The impetus was the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic on activities usually spent raising funds to support numerous local and global initiatives.

Although things have eased slightly, we’re still not able to undertake some of our past major events such as bowl-a-thons, virtual golfing, and recycling days. So, we’re again asking all members to make direct financial contributions according to their means and philosophy.

To decide on a contribution level, we’re suggesting that since we now are alternating virtual and in-person meetings, you may want to donate the $25 you are not spending for meals on alternate weeks: i.e., we have approximately 20 virtual meetings set for the remainder of the 2021-22 Rotary Year. That means $500 not being spent on dinner meetings over that period.

If you could contribute that amount, or any portion of it, to Rotary, it would help offset the lack of major fundraisers. Your contribution could be designated for the general treasury or toward specific efforts we’ve supported in the past — such as ShelterBox, Gift of Life, Circles of Mercy, Blue Star Mothers, Polio Plus, scholarships, the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards seminars (RYLA), various food pantries, Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI), etc. — or any combination of those items as you wish. And, if it is more comfortable to do so, you can split your contribution into two separate donations –- one now, one in March, for example.

Your contribution level will be kept confidential. Only Treasurer Murray Forth will have access to that information so he can distribute money as you and other members instruct.

Please send your checks, as soon as possible, made payable to SRC Rotary (with an accompanying note designating how you want the contribution distributed), to SRC Rotary, P.O. Box 71, East Greenbush, NY 12061.

Thank you for your ongoing contributions to the important work of Rotary, whether financial, personal effort, or both. By practicing “Service Above Self,” we do our best to make the world a better place.

Have you started work on your themed baskets?

After being forced to cancel our annual “SRC Holiday Party & Basket Auction” in December 2020 because of you-know-what, we’re planning to resume the event that has always provided us with good food, good fellowship, and a fun way to raise funds for the club treasury.

As veteran Rotarians know, the centerpiece of the event — scheduled for Thursday, December 16, at Moscatiello’s — is our gift basket silent auction. Spirited competitive bidding adds an element of surprise to the outcome.

Once again we’ll be asking you to come up with a themed basket to contribute to the festivities. It can be anything from color themes to beverage baskets to toy-box collections to … well, you’re limited only by your imagination.

To help spur those imaginations, here are a few suggestions that may be of help. But as always, the key is not to wait till the last minute.

Adding the details to Foundation Dinner invite

Each year, District 7190 holds its Foundation Dinner as a fundraiser for the Rotary Foundation. This year, the Roaring Twenties-themed gala is scheduled for …

Wait a minute! The flyer below, just emailed to Rotarians throughout the District, provides some reservation information but omitted key bits of data.

Well, here they are: The dinner will be held on Thursday, November 18, at the Glen Sanders Mansion in Scotia. Now, you can take it from there to select which level of reservation you’d like to make.

You’re invited to a fundraiser roundtable

One of the trickiest things about operating a service club is regularly raising funds to make community projects possible. So, Rotary has been hosting monthly online sessions — called “EventGroove / Fundraising Roundtable” — to share best-practice ideas on fundraising. Each is open to any active Rotarian.

The next such roundtable is scheduled for noon Tuesday, August 3. Advance registration is required for admission, although there is no charge to participate.

To sign up, simply click here and fill out the form. You will receive via email a confirmation containing information about joining the meeting in August.

How you can get involved with GOL golf

SRC’s team in last year’s GOL Golf Tournament

The 22nd annual District 7190 Gift of Life Golf Tournament is scheduled for September 20 at the Pinehaven Country Club in Guilderland.

That might seem a long time off, but planning for such a major GOL fundraiser takes quite a while and it’s just 14 weeks from now.

Dean and Doris Calamaras, SRC’s current ambassadors to GOL, inform us we should be putting together one or two foursomes to compete for honors in the event, even as organizers are seeking volunteer helpers, financial sponsors and donors.

So, if you wish to lend a hand as a volunteer worker on the day of the event, or buy a program ad, or make an outright financial donation, please contact Dean for details.