Take your pick of RLI sessions and register now

It’s Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) season.

If you fancy a 180-mile drive to Scranton, PA, for an in-person session at Lackawanna College that is being hosted by District 7410 on Saturday, October 16, you’ll need to register no later than next Wednesday, October 6, to avoid a $10 late fee.

However, if you prefer participation in the virtual RLI session emanating from Rochester on October 16, you have a longer registration window The deadline is Thursday, October 14, and anyone from any District is eligible to attend.

Still doesn’t fit into your busy schedule? Well, you’re in luck, Two other virtual possibilities are on the calendar — Saturday, October 23, out of Harrisburg, PA, and Saturday, November 6, out of Schenectady.

All levels — I, II, III and Graduate (for those who have completed the first three levels) will be offered if enough people are registered — minimum of eight for Levels I, II and III, and six for Graduate Level. To register for any of these sessions, just go online. Then, please remember to download your workshop materials from that site. Please pay in advance, and SRC will reimburse members for all charges.

You will come out of a Rotary Leadership Institute session armed with new tools you can use to enhance your own Rotary experience, your club’s activities, and your District’s performance. And, RLI’s team-building and consensus exercises also can come in handy for your business and recreational pursuits outside Rotary.

RLI’s mysterious missing link found

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t done much for anyone, but it has made participation in some Rotary activities easier.

Take the annual Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) workshops, for example. They are less expensive, require no travel, and are easier to access. But, sometimes there’s a glitch.

The latest edition of the quarterly RLI Northeast America newsletter you should, by now, have received via email is one such example. It touted the fact that districts would be allowed to hold sessions either in person or virtually (our District 7190 opted for virtual). And, it provided dates, links, etc. However, it also inadvertently provided a broken link to sign up for classes.

So, here’s an unbroken link for you to use to access all the info: http://rlinea.org

That will take you to the website where you not only can register, you can download the curriculum you will need for your session. To help control costs, hard copies will not be provided by RLI.

And, as always, the SRC treasury will reimburse all members for enrolling in Levels 1, 2, 3 and Graduate workshops. (You must take such courses sequentially.)

Registration now open for virtual RLI event

Despite the vagaries of the COVID-19 pandemic era restrictions, District 7190 plans to go ahead with the annual Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) training in February. It will, of course, be done virtually, which means a lower per-person fee.

Assuming sufficient participation, training will be offered in Classes 1, 2, 3, and Graduate level. The training is open to all Rotarians in good standing, but the classes must be take sequentially: i.e., you need to have completed Class 1 to attend Class 2, Class 2 to attend Class 3, etc. Anyone who has completed 1 through 3 may enroll in the Graduate level even if they have attended Graduate sessions before. The content is continually evolving.

This year’s RLI will be held from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday, February 27. Registration, which will be be reimbursed by SRC, is $25 and must be done online no later than February 20. Class sizes are limited.

RLI is particularly recommended for all club officers and people new or relatively new to Rotary, although everyone is welcome. SRC has a history of strong RLI participation, and we hope to maintain that record this year.

Never been to RLI? Here’s your chance

Screen Shot 2019-10-01 at 11.29.18 PMThe Southern Rensselaer County Rotary Club has a long and rich history of involvement in the annual Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI). And, we’d like to give even more members the opportunity to keep that participation going.

To that end, SRC will pay the registration fee for any members interested in signing up for any level of this year’s RLI, scheduled for Saturday, October 19, at the First Reformed Church in Schenectady.

RLI, a leadership development course that emphasizes team building, idea sharing, and discussion, provides discussion classes, often with some lighthearted projects involving team participants from Rotarians representing clubs across District 7190.

The registration fee covers participation, study-discussion materials, continental  breakfast, and lunch. All you have to do is let Bill Dowd know by email of your interest, and, as he does each year, he will take care of registering you.

RLI offers a Level 1 course for those Rotarians new to the program, Level 2 if you’ve completed Level 1, Level 3 if you’ve completed Levels 1 and 2, and Graduate if you’ve completed Levels 1 through 3.

The club with the most attendees registered by October 10 will receive 1,000 points for use as a Paul Harris Fellow as their club sees fit. The SRC deadline for informing Bill is no later than Tuesday, October 8.



2 graduates among our contingent at RLI

Doris and Dean Calamaras are the latest SRC members to graduate from the three-level Rotary Leadership Institute course. Here they are with their certificates and District Governor Fred Daniels (left) and RLI local coordinator Bill Nathan (second from right).

The Southern Rensselaer County club was well represented at Saturday’s Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) workshops held on the UAlbany Health Sciences Campus.

Leading the 10-person contingent, believed to be the largest-ever from SRC in one year, were Doris and Dean Calamaras, who both graduated from the three-level RLI curriculum that takes three or more years to complete. Last year, Bill Dowd and Debbie Rodriguez graduated, giving SRC four grads in just two years.

Also participating at Levels 1 and 2 on Saturday were Roberto Martinez, Jim Butterworth, Jim Leyhane, Murray Forth, Terry Brewer, Andy Leyhane, Kevin Leyhane, and Ray Hannan.

Roberto Martinez, Jim Leyhane, and Ray Hannan (from left) were in attendance …

… as were Jim Butterworth, Andy Leyhane, and Kevin Leyhane (from rear) …

… plus Murray Forth (l) and Terry Brewer who also helped with registration.


2 from SRC graduate from Rotary Leadership Institute

RLI CLASS OF 2016 — The graduating group (with RLI officials Bill Nathan and Deb Glisson on the left). Back row, from left:  Fred Daniels, Ray Gillis, Bill Dowd, Larry Bailey, Debbie Rodriguez, Donna Dardaris and Carolyn Bailey.  Front, kneeling and seated: Christy Smith, Peter Champagne, Denise DiNoto and Kelly Catricala.

Three members of the Southern Rensselaer County Rotary Club participated in today’s Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI), held at Siena College in Loudonville.

Club President Debbie Rodriguez and Past President Bill Dowd were among a group of 11 Rotarians from a variety of local clubs who graduated and received diplomas for completing three years of training workshops. In addition to being able to use their skills honed in the workshops for local and district Rotary undertakings, they now are eligible for training as members of the RLI facilitator faculty for the Northeast.

And, President-elect Roberto Martinez participated in the Level 1 introductory workshop as the first step in his climb through the levels.

RLI is a facilitated discussion-style program consisting of three levels plus Graduate classes for those who have completed all those levels. It is intended to train Rotarians deemed by their clubs to have leadership interests and abilities.

SRC’s workshop contingent — Bill, Debbie, and Roberto.

Time to register for RLI October class

RLI logoThe good news: Registration now is open for the Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) session scheduled for Saturday, October 22, at Siena College.

The even better news: It’s free!

Well, not really. The registration fee for the day-long workshops — offered at several levels depending on whether or not you’ve participated in RLI before — actually is $105. But, you don’t have to foot the bill. Your club reimburses you for that.

Just click here to sign up.

Not sure what RLI is or does for you? Check with one of your fellow SRC Club members who have attended and they’ll fill you in. And/or, go to the menu of “Recommended Links” on the club website to get connected to RLI’s own website where you can find a brochure and other handy info.


RLI’s fall workshop registration is open

RLI logo

How would you like to have an interesting experience for free?

May we suggest you enroll in the Rotary Leadership Institute? Your club pays the tuition charge. All you have to do is show up.

One-day workshops will be available for first-timers as well as for those who have experienced other RLI levels and are looking to add to their arsenal of information, tips, and training.

RLI courses again this year will be offered at Siena College in Loudonville. That’ s the venue; the college does not do the training which, instead, is done by accredited RLI faculty. But you’re not limited to that venue. Courses also are offered throughout the Northeast, and some people even have attended them while on the road for business since much of what you learn can be applied to your careers. For example, this year’s Graduate Course (for those who already have completed RLI Parts 1 through 3) is titled “Effective Public Speaking,” something a lot of people will find helpful.

The session at Siena College is scheduled for Saturday, October 22. The deadline for registering is October 17. The workshop runs from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Details about the various workshops are available online. And, you can register through that connection.