Tech Data for Our Speakers

Projector Ports
Rotary club’s projecter ports shown here.

Thank you for agreeing to make a presentation to our club. Typical presentations run about 20-30 minutes, including any Q&A period. If you need more time, please let your host Rotarian know so the Club can try to accommodate that need by adjusting our business agenda.

You may have questions about the audio/visual capabilities we can provide, and/or what you need to bring. Here is a rundown.

We have a screen, so you don’t need to bring one. We also have a projector (its connection ports are shown above). However, you may bring your own projector or have use of the Club’s, which is an Epson EX 3220 SGVA.

Most presenters use a PowerPoint program. The presentation can be:

1. Loaded on your computer (which you bring to the meeting) and viewed on:

A. Your projector (which you supply)

B. Your Windows computer connected to our projector

i. VGA to SVGA
ii. HDMI to HDMI
iii. USB to USDB-B (Plug and Play)

C. Your Apple computer connected to our projector

i. Thunderbolt to HDMI
ii. USB to USB-B (Plug and Play)
iii. HDMI to HDMI

2. Loaded on your flash drive which can be loaded to our computer (a Mac Book Air)

3. Loaded to your iPhone 5 (or later model) with Lightning connections (must be able to run presentation on your iPhone)

If you need Internet capabilities to show YouTube videos and/or other video links, our meeting room does have public Internet access, but please allow an additional 5-10 minutes to hook up your laptop. The option of using our computer for the meeting room’s WiFi also is an option and, because the connection is automatic, may be preferable.

In summary, we can provide:

• projection screen
• Epson projector
• MacBook Air (if you request it in advance)
• Internet capability
• Extension cords
• The following cables:

º Mini display port to VGA
º USB to USB-B
º Lightning (Apple) to digital AV Adapter (HDMI)

A few more considerations:

1. Even if you have the presentation loaded on your computer, having it on a flash drive as well would be a good backup if, for some reason, we are unable to use your computer with our projector.

2. Unless otherwise informed by the presenter, we assume we have your permission to archive/post your presentation so Club members unable to attend may call it up for  future viewing. Presentations would be in the public domain and the Club will give full credit to the presenter or organization, including any links they would like to add. We know some such programs cannot be made public because of copyrights or organizational concerns.

We look forward to your presentation and discussion.