Our newest web page: ‘Program Presentation Archive’

Screen shot 2016-06-10 at 6.05.12 PMThose of you who pay close attention to such things may notice that we have added another page inside this website. It’s the “Program Presentation Archive,” and it just went live today.

As a starter, it has two items right now, but that number will grow regularly as going forward we archive presentations made to our club by guest speakers and members alike.

The archive was created to serve several purposes, among them:

• To enable members who were unable to attend a particular meeting to access the information.

• To help people seeking more information about our club to see the broad range of programs we bring to our members and their guests.

• To allow the general public to access information on a wide range of community issues, how-to ideas, educational trends, medical advances, public service initiatives, and many more topics. And, in doing so, to become more aware of Rotary.

A REQUEST: If you have a copy of a PowerPoint you already have used to present a talk to the club and would like it archived, please send either the PowerPoint itself or a copy of it in a PDF format to Bill Dowd at the club’s emailbox — SRCrotary@gmail.com — at your convenience. Or, you can drop a copy in the SRC Rotary online account on Dropbox. Be sure to note when the presentation was made. In most cases, it would be preferable to send the PowerPoint so it can be abridged as needed to fit the necessary file size that works best with our technology.


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