Our newest page (yes, another) may be of help

Screen shot 2016-06-14 at 3.34.47 PMAnyone who has been a Rotarian for even a short time probably has been asked more than once, “What IS Rotary?”

Most people have at least heard of the organization, or perhaps seen the familiar Rotary emblem on a signpost at the entrance to a town, or even noticed something in a local newspaper or on TV about a Rotary project benefiting the community.

While we can try explaining Rotary to them, you’ve probably found its reach is so broad and its activities so varied that providing a full description is quite a chore in a simple conversation.

Because we live in such a technological and visual time, Rotary International and some of its individual districts and clubs continuously create videos explaining Rotary from a variety of viewpoints.

We have, from time to time, posted such videos here for you to share with friends, families, colleagues, and anyone curious about what we do. Now, however, we’ve put together a formal collection of such videos that went live today, a collection we’ll expand and update from time to time.

Just click here to take a look at our starter collection. When someone asks about Rotary, you can tell them what you like about it, then point them to SRCrotary.org for the full story about the Southern Rensselaer County club.

NOTE: We particularly recommend the first video, titled “Why Rotary Now?” It speaks to some reasons younger people in business enjoy participating in Rotary despite the pressures of family and work that others often cite as reasons not to join us.


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