Today in history

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On July 6 in …

1189 -– Richard I, popularly known as “The Lionheart” or, in the Norman French language widely used in parts of England, “Coeur de Lion,” ascends to the English throne. Richard spoke langue d’oïl, a French dialect, and lenga d’òc, a Romance language spoken in southern France and nearby regions. Although he was born in England, where he spent his childhood, before becoming king he lived for most of his adult life in the Duchy of Aquitaine in the southwest of France. Following his accession he spent very little time in England, perhaps as little as six months. Most of his life as king was spent on Crusade, in captivity, or in actively defending his lands in France.

1777 — American forces under General Arthur St. Clair retreat from Fort Ticonderoga on Lake George after it was besieged for five days by British artillery under General John Burgoyne.

1854 –- In Jackson, MI, the first convention of the Republican Party is held.

1885 -– Scientist Louis Pasteur successfully tests his vaccine against rabies on Joseph Meister, a boy who had been bitten by a rabid dog.

1907 -– Magdalena Carmen Frieda Kahlo y Calderón is born in the Coyoacán district of Mexico City. As Frida Kahlo she will go on to become a legendary Mexican muralist and educator and will be celebrated in the 2002 Selma Hayek motion picture “Frida.”


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