Today in history

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On July 19 in …

1545 –- The Tudor warship Mary Rose sinks off Portsmouth, England. In 1982, the wreck will be salvaged in one of the most complex and expensive projects in the history of maritime archaeology.

1845 –- The last great fire to broadly affect Manhattan begins early in the morning and is subdued by late afternoon, but not before it claims the lives of four firefighters and 26 civilians, and destroys 345 buildings.

1848 — In Seneca Falls, NY, the first Women’s Rights Convention takes place. Bloomers are introduced at the event.

1943 –- Rome is heavily bombed by more than 500 Allied aircraft in a major World War II  strike, inflicting thousands of casualties.

1997 -– The Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA) resumes a ceasefire to end “The Troubles,” its 25-year-long campaign to end British rule in Northern Ireland.

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