A local tie to a Peruvian humanitarian effort

Abigale Stangl (left in purple sweater) works with young Peruvian women. The current cover of The Rotarian is in the background.

A family member of SRC’s own Becky Raymond is featured in an article in the latest issue of The Rotarian, RI’s international magazine. As Becky reports:

“When reading the August issue of The Rotarian … I was delighted to find an article featuring my niece, Abigale Stangl, and her work in Peru with young girls. This work is really making a difference for the future of the girls.

“Abby is one of the reasons I decided to join Rotary. She has been active in Rotary since high school and is now getting her Ph.D at the University of Colorado. Rotary has been a foundational part of her life, supporting her to study and work in Sweden, New Zealand, and Peru. She is an inspiration.”

The article, titled “The Visionaries,” deals with a project begun in 2012 that seeks to improve the lives of poor and unempowered young Peruvian women trying to escape poverty and abuse. It notes, “Abigale Stangl, who has been working alongside one of her instructors at the University of Colorado to produce metrics that show how well the project works, ‘got on board as soon as I heard about the project,’ she recalls.”

You will find the article on pages 46-51 in your copy of the August 2016 edition of The Rotarian.

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