Today in history

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On July 25 in …

306 –- His troops proclaim Constantine I emperor of the Roman Empire. On the same date nine years later, the iconic Arch of Constantine is completed near the Colosseum in the city of Rome to commemorate one of his major military victories.

1609 — The English ship Sea Venture, en route to Virginia, is deliberately driven ashore at Bermuda during a storm to prevent its sinking. The survivors will go on to found a new colony on the island instead of continuing to Virginia.

1722 –- Dummer’s War erupts along the border area between Maine and Massachusetts. It is the first in a series of battles between New England and the Wabanaki Confederacy who were allied with New France. The essential cause is a dispute between French and English local governments over borders. William Dummer was the lieutenant governor of Massachusetts. (It also is variously known as Father Rale’s War, Lovewell’s War, Greylock’s War, the Three Years War, and the 4th Anglo-Abenaki War.)

1861 — Congress passes the Crittenden–Johnson Resolution, stating that the Civil War being fought against the Confederacy is being fought to preserve the Union, not to end slavery.

1978 –- Louise Brown, the world’s first “test tube baby,” is born in England as a result of in vitro fertilization. She was delivered by planned Caesarean section, weighing 5 pounds, 12 ounces.


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