Get your new-logo shirts, caps, fleeces, mugs, etc.

srclogoYou may have noticed a number of your fellow SRC members sporting new polo shirts, denim shirts and fleeces bearing the club’s new logo.

They don’t have a monopoly on being stylish. You, too, can order items of your own with the new logo that reflects the official basic design change instituted by Rotary International two years ago.

And, you can have it put on anything from polo shirts to caps, from fleeces to vests, from aprons to tote bags, from mugs to … etc.

Dawn Vavala, a member of the Twin Bridges Rotary Club, is providing the personalized services through her company, Nite Owl Marketing. In addition to having the club logo on whatever you purchase, many items can be personalized with your name on them (or the name of the person you’re buying it for as a gift).

Says Dawn, “If you go to my website and click on the Rotary button [at the top of the home page] then scroll down, you can see many of the popular items. It is not a store, just a page to display a few items. You can also click on the apparel button toward the bottom of the page to see all the clothing one can order. I promise to take great care of  the members of the SRC club.”

Purchase prices, sizing, and other details also are on her website.

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