ShelterBox aid finally reaches Aleppo refugees

Syrian youngsters pick up blankets from ShelterBox aid points.

Thousands of youngsters in Aleppo, Syria, have reached relative safety and been given warm clothing after their families received aid from the ShelterBox disaster relief agency.

The tents, tools, blankets and other non-food relief supplies had been positioned for months outside the city as warfare raged between government and rebel forces as city dwellers tried to stay safe.

When the brief ceasefire began and thousands of beleaguered families were evacuated, facing snow and icy winds, they quickly were taken in by ShelterBox and other relief agencies.

ShelterBox perations coordinator Sam Hewett said, “The fighting in and around Aleppo that has been broadcast in recent weeks is indicative of the intolerable position that people throughout Syria are forced to endure.

“Due to the support of our generous donors, ShelterBox has been able to support people as they are evacuated from the city with items such as clothing and bedding, to shelter them from the cold winter conditions.

“This would not be possible without the presence of our partner organizations, whose staff share the same fatal risks as the people they are trying to help.”

A frigid scene in a ShelterBox tent encampment outside besieged Allepo.


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