A message from the new District Governor

Screen Shot 2017-06-30 at 8.38.34 PMBy Fred Daniels

Welcome to a new Rotary year, friends! Many District 7190 clubs have been busy in the past few weeks celebrating a great year with their “retiring” presidents and welcoming their new presidents to the podium. Congratulations, one and all.

And, congratulations to District Governor John Mucha and his team. John has been a remarkable leader for our District over the past 12 months, and we are grateful for his forward looking leadership and vision.

As your newly minted DG, I have been blessed to attend a number of changeover events in the past few weeks, including the District’s event at the River Stone Manor on June 25, and I’ve been struck by the same thing each time. Invariably the outgoing president references a substantial list of achievements that have been successfully undertaken in the past year. He or she then thanks the members of the club, saying in no uncertain terms that without their commitment and engagement nothing would have happened.

Just as invariably, the incoming president speaks about his or her vision, trusting that the members of the club will rally to give service above self and support the cause. He or she then thanks the members in advance, saying in no uncertain terms that nothing will happen without their commitment and engagement.

This is the rhythm of leadership in Rotary. Each year, throughout the world, the entire leadership of Rotary changes from top to bottom. But, whether you’re going out or coming in, one thing remains the same. Rotary is about the members. Rotary leaders are there to support and inspire the members. The members make it all happen, and without the members very little can happen.

And so, at this time of the year we are reminded that it is the core values each of us holds — the values intrinsically expressed by the concept of Service Above Self — which makes Rotary unique and exciting. There is nowhere better we can go that can inspire us to action, charge up our batteries, and encourage us to find the best version of ourselves than to a meeting each week at Rotary.

Good luck and blessings to us all, as we embark on another great year in Rotary. Thanks for all you do.


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