A thank-you from the Oley Foundation

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 8.47.51 PMOn behalf of the Oley Foundation, I would like to thank our SRC Rotary for the very generous donation of $400 to help Oley continue to provide assistance to patients (and their caregivers) dependent on in-home IV therapy or tube feeding.
In addition, I wish to express my appreciation to Roberto Martinez and Jim Leyhane for their monetary contribution to allow me to purchase Ensure for two patients recovering from throat cancer. Many of Oley’s clients need four to six cans/cartons of nutritional formula daily to survive since they suffer from cancer, intestinal failure, or other diseases.
I will continue to accept monetary donations to purchase Ensure or other formula as needed, or you may purchase Ensure on your own and bring it to me at our Rotary meetings. I then can mail formula from the Oley office, saving patients the mailing costs.
Phil Kellerman

NOTE: Click here for more information about the Oley Foundation.

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