Busy Rotaractors join ‘Healthy Kids Day’ at YMCA

Rotaract 4

The new Danes Rotaract club at the UAlbany School of Public Health is setting a dizzying pace of community service activity.

The SRC-sponsored organization already has been involved in a fundraising dinner program for the international Save the Children organization, participated in SRC’s “Bowling for Vets” event, organized a happy hour social to benefit the Freedom From Fistula Foundation, worked on serving a Valentine’s Day dinner for the Miracle League, had members attend several SRC dinner meetings, will be part of the SRC kitchen crew cooking dinner in May at Ronald McDonald House in Albany … Now, it was heavily involved in the “Healthy Kids Day” at the Greenbush YMCA.

Numerous charter members of the Danes Rotaract club will be joining us for a special dinner event on Thursday, May 3, at Quigley’s when they and all Rotarians who joined SRC in the current Rotary Year will be formally inducted. We are hoping that as many SRC members as possible will attend this first-ever joint welcoming ceremony.

Participating in the YMCA event were Kaitlin Driesse, Annette Highley, Alexis Russell, Carolyn Stover, and Cydney Miazga who presented a heart health activity for kids. They put together a photo booth, heart health facts, and prizes.

Meanwhile, here are more images from the YMCA event.

Rotaract 1

Rotaract 6

Rotaract 2

Rotaract 3

Rotaract 5


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