Recycling our way to a healthy profit

The sign may say “Metal Only,” but Murray Forth jumped in anyway.

Yet another financially successful “SRC Recycling & Shredding Day” is in the books.

A team of SRC members plus a pair of volunteers from the Danes Rotaract club at the UAlbany School of Public Health took advantage of a beautiful Saturday to accept and process a large number of obsolete TV sets, printers, PCs, and other electronic items as well as papers for shredding.

The net financial results of  the effort will be announced at Thursday’s 6:15 p.m. dinner meeting at Quigley’s, but we think we can safely predict that we will have cleared several thousand dollars for our ongoing scholarship programs.

Thanks once again to the volunteers — Murray Forth and Terry Brewer who organized the day and cleverly overcame some last-minute vendor problems, Matt Smith, Pat Bailey, Bill Dowd, Mike Dewey, Geoff Brewer, Charlie Foote, April Dowd, Debbie Brown, Peter Brown, Jim Leyhane, and Becky Raymond — and to Josh Wainman for making his Wainschaf Associates offices and grounds available to us.

Here are a few scenes from the event:

Screen Shot 2018-05-05 at 5.30.45 PM














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