‘Cookout By the Pool I’ is in the books

Pool 3
President Andy Leyhane plays lifeguard and kid-wrangler.
Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 12.43.11 PM
‘Summer Casual’ logo

• The weather:  Salubrious

• The food:  Scrumptious

• The conversation:  Scintillating

• The water:  Well, it was both hot and cold, depending on whether you were in the hot tub or the pool.

Put it all together and it was “Cookout By the Pool I,” the first of two such events on the “SRC Summer Casual” calendar, with Jim Leyhane and Roberto Martinez generously co-hosting the event at Jim’s residence on Thursday evening.

(“Cookout By the Pool II” is scheduled for 6 p.m. Thursday, August 23, at the Forth residence. Please be sure to RSVP to Murray and/or Maggie by August 20 if you plan to attend.)

We had a strong turnout Thursday evening of Rotarians, family, and guests of all ages, including a special appearance by old friends Phil and Ann Eagan.

And, plenty of people dropped off donations to our annual “School Supplies Drive” we’re running in conjunction with the Greenbush YMCA for needy students in the Rensselaer, Schodack, and East Greenbush school districts. Remember, you can drop off items at the Y during regular hours, or at the club’s August 12 or 16 events. (Check the website calendar for details. And, click here for the shopping list.))

Here are a few scenes from Thursday’s event, captured by Bill Dowd and Roberto:

Pool 6
Looks like a smiling contest.
Pool 11
Co-host Roberto joins Ann and Phil Eagan.
Pool 13
A rescue operation to retrieve a wayward T-shirt.
Pool 12
Co-host Jim, always the busy conversationalist.
Pool 19
A chat from A(mato) to B(rewers).
Pool 9
No, Andy isn’t experiencing a moment of revelation; just calling things to order.
Pool 16
Another round in the smile contest.
Pool 21
See, all you have to do is push this button …
Pool 5
Looks like a serious moment in the chat.
Pool 1
While no one is looking, I’m jumping in!
Pool 2
Now, THAT was fun!
Pool 4
Please, have a shrimp or two.
Pool 15
Serving a customer at the ice cream bar.
Pool 10
Looks like things are winding down.
Pool 7
Drinks in hand, all is well.

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