District adds Rotary Means Business Fellowship

Rotary FellowshipsRotary offers a wide range of Fellowships, regional and international groups of Rotarians united by common interests for social formal and informal activities and exchange of ideas.

The range is tremendous — motorcycling, cooking, antique autos, chess, bird watching, craft beers, curling, boating, education, medicine, fishing, hiking, home exchange, music, running, magic, law, military vets, photography, law enforcement, art, rowing, skiing, travel, wine, whiskey, yoga, and on and on and on.

One that harkens back to Rotary’s origins more than a century ago in Chicago is a Fellowship called “Rotary Means Business,” and a chapter of that particular Fellowship has just been formed in our District 7190.

It is a Fellowship for those who want to network and do business with fellow Rotarians. While Rotary is dedicated to “Service Above Self” and public service, there is nothing inherently wrong with business networking among Rotarians. As founder Paul Smith, who created Rotary as a business-oriented organization for mutual enhancement and public service, said back in 1911 in the vernacular of the time: “If anyone tells you that it is reprehensible to make a dollar or two for the wife and babies from club associates in straightforward business transactions, tell that person that some foreign substance had gotten into his carburetor.”

The Rotary Means Business Fellowship encourages Rotarians to support the success of their fellow Rotarians by doing business with them, and by referring others to them.

You can join the District chapter of the Fellowship by visiting online. If you have specific questions, simply email District Governor-elect Larry Jones.


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