SRC website adds another name to visitors list

Screen Shot 2019-04-27 at 4.15.47 PM
The official indicator of an international visitor to our website.

Over the past few years, the SRC website has received plenty of  non-member visitors.

In addition to those from  throughout the U.S., we have had visitors from such far-flung spots as Canada, Mexico, England, Scotland, Ireland, Israel, France, Costa Rica, Brazil, Colombia, Morocco, Ghana, the Netherlands, Hungary, Japan, the Philippines, and maybe a few others I’ve forgotten along the way.

Today, we can add another Middle Eastern visitor — two, actually — now that we’ve been visited by a pair of people from Jordan. To them we say, “HELLO, JORDAN!” and thanks for looking us up.

FYI, the first Rotary club in Jordan was created in the capital city of Amman, chartered with 25 members on April 13, 1956.

— Bill Dowd, webmaster


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