Gift cards sought for Albany Med patients, families

Screen Shot 2019-10-06 at 12.54.20 AMThe Glove Cities Rotary Club of Johnstown/Gloversville is asking other clubs to participate in a gift card drive for the Albany Medical Center Neuro/Surgical Intensive Care Unit (NSICU).

The 30-bed unit is the only level one trauma unit in the area, caring for patients from 25 counties in New York, Vermont, and Massachusetts.

The club notes that unexpected and often financially ruinous pressures befall families of people admitted to the unit.

Fellow Rotarians are asked to donate gift cards through the remainder of October for  area restaurants, convenience stores, coffee shops, transportation, etc., preferably in $20 increments. They will be distributed to families in need via the NSICU. Among suggested locations near Albany Med are gas cards from various brands, CVS, Dunkin’, Subway, Recovery Room restaurant, Uber, Panera Bread, and Stewart’s.

Anyone wishing to donate throughout October is asked to give the cards they purchase to Phil Kellerman who will bundle them for Glove Cities.


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