Hannaford still accepting CLYNK recycling

Are those returnable beverage containers piling up on you? Some businesses that usually accept them and return your deposit money have put a hold on the practice during the COVID-19 pandemic.

That’s because many don ‘t have enough people to handle the volume now that store personnel are being used for other tasks. But, there is one way to be sure to recycle those containers and raise some money for ShelterBox: use CLYNK.

Some SRC members have been diligent in bagging, tagging, and taking their CLYNK bags full of returnable glass, metal, and plastic containers to Hannaford supermarkets. That’s because Hannaford has stopped accepting other containers, but not Hannaford. There is no store employee involvement because you self-scan the bags, drop them in the receptacle, and CLYNK’s own employees pick up the bags and take them to the company’s recycling center in Maine.

Those of you who didn’t pick up the official bags and tags — both of which are required to participate in the program — before we put a hold on our weekly dinner meetings — can get them once we resume. Meanwhile, don’t despair. Just put your returnables in regular plastic garbage bags until you get a supply of the proper CLYNK bags. Then, simply slip the others bags into CLYNK bags and head for your nearest Hannaford. All the proceeds from our club’s CLYNK participation go to suipporting ShelterBox worldwide.

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