From our new DG: A Million Dreams

Screen Shot 2020-07-09 at 10.19.50 PMBy RICH GRIESCHE
7190 District Governor 2020-21

July begins our new Rotary year. It is like no other we have had. As a new District Governor reflecting over the past few months, Rotary has been the constant for me during the COVID-19 pandemic. Globally the figures today are staggering — 8.99 million confirmed cases, 4.46 million recovered, and, sadly, 469,000  deaths.

So, why “A Million Dreams”? Last year, I was listening to the song “A Million Dreams,” from the movie “The Greatest Showman,” and thought, “I need to use this during my District Governor year.” Little did I know at that time what we would be facing as we began 2020.

The lyrics spoke to me about Rotary. There are more than 1 million Rotarians, going through doors where no one gone before. This ties into Rotary International President Holger Knaack’s theme, “Rotary Opens Opportunities,” and the three open doors.

I think of what the world could be, a vision of the one I see. “A million dreams is all it’s gonna take, a million dreams for the world we’re gonna make.”

As Rotarians, we all have dreams and visions. Share your dreams with me. I am using this song during my year to help guide us as Rotarians so we can have that dream of the world we want to see.

Rotarians everywhere strive to make the world a better place. I believe these trying times will make us all better citizens of the world. We have been witness recently to severe unrest, protesting, and peaceful demonstrations. Rotary is the largest peace-building organization in the world. We should be proud of that. We are approaching the concept of peace with greater cohesion and inclusivity, broadening the scope of what we mean by peace-building, and finding more ways for people to get involved.

Rotary creates environments in which peace can happen. Rotarians all are peace builders, which our world needs. Rotary has vibrant programs for students and youth that can change the lives of those who participate. Through these programs, young people can earn scholarships, travel on cultural exchanges, or help a community through a service project –- all things resulting in greater world peace.

I would like to thank Immediate Past District Governor Larry Jones and his team for the leadership and guidance that got us through the past few months. During Larry’s year we formed an aggressive membership initiative we still are working on. Looking ahead, Rotary’s vision statement are words to live by: Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change -– across the globe, in our communities, and in our ourselves. Contact me to learn how you can join us in our projects.


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