Reminder: Tuesday deadline for Thursday event

PoolsideHere we are on a cloudy, intermittently rainy  Sunday afternoon, wondering what the weather will be on the most important day of the upcoming week.

That’s Thursday, in case it hadn’t occurred to you. That’s when Jim Leyhane and Roberto Martinez will co-host a “Summer Casual Event” at Jim’s residence. The Weather Channel is forecasting sunny, clear skies and a high of 81 degrees, an altogether pleasant summer day.

We’re looking forward to this family-friendly event with all the necessary face masks and social-distancing (bring your own lawn chairs if you want a little more seating flexibility). The pool will be open for anyone wishing to take a dip. The dinner menu will include roast beef, turkey, broccoli salad, and mac and cheese. Attendees are asked to bring their own beverages, although our in-house brew guru (brewru?) Andy Leyhane will make some craft beers available.

Some people made their early reservations during last Thursday’s ZOOM video conference, but we need a complete and accurate headcount no later than Tuesday morning. You can RSVP to Jim (, 518-477-4881) or Roberto (, 518-479-0305). Price: $15 per person, kids under 12 free.

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 2.07.33 PMAlso, don’t forget to bring along your donations to our “School Supplies Drive,” being coordinated by Debbie Rodriguez for Circles of Mercy. Items also may be dropped off at the Drumm Veterinary Hospital on Columbia Turnpike any day during normal business hours.

We’ve shared the recommended shopping list via email to all members, as well as numerous times on the club’s website and Facebook page. The absolute last day to make contributions will be Thursday, August 20, in the Quigley’s parking lot before our 6 p.m. meeting there. Debbie will not be participating in the meeting, so you’ll need to hand over your donations to her before it begins.

P.S. Anyone who has not yet submitted their check for 2020-21 dues, which were due by July 1, can do so at Thursday’s event.


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