Some ZOOM etiquette for Thursday


We will meet at 7 p.m. this Thursday via ZOOM video conference. The meeting is scheduled to last about 30 minutes. Please use this link to gain access to the meeting:

Several etiquette items to remember to avoid confusion and give everyone a chance to be heard:

• When the meeting is called to order by President Dick Drumm, or other presiding officer, please mute your audio.

• If you wish to make a comment, ask a question, etc., please raise your hand to gain Dick’s attention and, when called upon, then unmute your audio. When you are finished, re-mute.

• Please try to participate from a location without a lot of background noise (TV volume, barking dogs, clamoring kids, random gunfire, snoring, etc.). ZOOM has very good sound pickup and extraneous noise can be heard by everyone.

We’ve continually been getting better at ZOOM sessions as we get more experienced, so we’re hoping for even more participation. While our account limits us to a maximum of 40 minutes of meeting time, the participant limitation is well beyond the number of members we have, so there’s plenty of room for all.

Hope to “see” you, literally, on Thursday.

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