Updated ‘Adopt-a-Family’ shopping chart

Here is an update of the shopping lists for our “Adopt-a-Family” project in conjunction with Circles of Mercy.

Anything in green has been taken; anything in black still needs to be taken.

Please email me when you decide what you want to donate and I will coordinate, then update and disseminate the charts daily or as often as necessary.

I will be in the parking lot at Quigley’s from 6 to 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, December 2, and Friday, December 11, to accept donated items. If you cannot make either of those dates, you can drop them off at Drumm Veterinary Hospital prior to December 11 during normal business hours. I will collect them from that site. (If you choose that option, please call the office from the parking lot and one of the staff will come to your car to take the donation.)

Please remember all gifts have to be gift-wrapped and labeled with the name of the recipient. In the case of gift cards, please place them in a sealed envelope with the name of the recipient family written on the outside.

Thanks for your generosity!

— Bill Dowd, project coordinator

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