RYLA rebooting for a spring ’21 schedule

Participation in this year’s Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) program, which switched to a virtual format because of the pandemic, had much less participation than usual. But, its organizers are not calling it quits.

“The program originally did not get as much attendance as in previous years and we believe much of that has to do with the current world situation and the virtual format.  One of the most important aspects of RYLA is getting students from across the region together to brainstorm and build relationships.  The virtual format provides less of that for students,” said Ken Adamczyk, an organizer.   

“Our current plan is to try to have the course in person in late spring, but only if it is safe for the students. We will watch the virus conditions, coordinate with schools by watching what they are doing and, if possible, provide a clean and safe environment for the students to learn.  It will be three Saturdays starting in late April and ending in May 2021. 

“We have access to a Business Incubator space that normally can have over 150 people and it provides breakout space for us to spread out as needed. We will always focus on safety,  and then turn our focus on the course. If we are unable to complete the program in this manner in the spring we would like to invite all the students to join us in August for the 2021-2022 program in the old format.”

Examples of the tentative new agenda are being sent to students, guidance counselors, and other school  administrators throughout District 7190.

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