More scented soaps for the holidays

There’s a national discussion going on about the pros and cons of scrubbing college loan debt for many people. We at SRC have a way to help “pre-scrub” the costs of college or post-high school training courses — by awarding scholarships to local high school seniors each year.

This year, to help underwrite that initiative, we have been selling handcrafted scented soaps.

Jim Leyhane and Roberto Martinez started the project back in October, and have sold nearly all of the first batch of 100 cakes of soap. And, they have just received 100 more cakes with some new scents, all of which would make great presents for Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa and any other occasion you can think of, especially for the person who has everything.

The soaps are available on a first-come, first-served by contacting Roberto or Jim who will arrange for delivery. Just check our website’s Member Contact Data page for their phone numbers and email addresses if you don’t have them.

The products are plant based, meaning they derive primarily from plants and natural sources. Simplicity is beauty. They are made in Syracuse, and therefore are Upstate Local. As we like to say, they don’t kill anything, they just soothe you and make you feel good, a very welcome treat in this stressful pandemic era.

Price: $7 per cake, or three for $20. Jim and Roberto footed the bulk purchase of the soaps, so all sales proceeds go directly to our club treasury to help fund the annual SRC Rotary Scholarships.

Here’s what we have to offer, and their appealing scents: 10 bars each of …

• Lingonberry Spice
• Frosted Cranberry
• Saguro Spruce
• Cergruyoo Sage
• Citrus Splash
• Aloe & Lemon
• Oatmeal, Milk, & Honey
• Green Tea & Cucumber
• Juniper Breeze
• Cactus Organic

And, from the first batch, we have just one each of …

• Seagrass & Herbs
• Sunshine
• Evergreen
• Kentish Raisin
• Lavender & Lemon

So, reserve your soaps now before all the other last-minute shoppers beat you to it!

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