Reenergizing our Clynk recycling effort

Does anyone need bar-code stickers for their Clynk container recycling bags?

We’re asking because contributions have dropped off very sharply in the past few months. Nevertheless, funds derived from deposit bottles, cans, and plastic beverage containers remain a major revenue source for our club to contribute to ShelterBox.

Members can purchase the required green recycling bags at any Hannaford supermarket, but the required bar-code stickers can only be gotten from a Clynk in-store kiosk using the account card project administrator Bill Dowd has.

[For the benefit of those members unfamiliar with the Clynk program itself, it’s extremely simple. All you need to do is place any beverage container eligible for a return deposit in one of the bags, affix a sticker to the bag, go to any Hannaford and use the scanning gun to read the stickers. That’s it. No separating types of containers or rinsing them out. ]

So, if you need stickers, simply email a request to Both the bags and the stickers are mandatory for the club to receive credit from Clynk for the deposit money.

Thanks for your help.

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