‘Summer Casual’ events filling up fast

We have just two dates remaining to be filled on our July-August “Summer Casual” schedule, and two events are at or near capacity already.

• The August 5 “Dinner & A Show” event in New Lebanon that will include dinner at Mario’s Restaurant and a musical play at The Theater Barn both are fully reserved. We were limited to 12 people because of pandemic-era seating restrictions.

However, anyone wishing to make a reservation at the theater for “Night and Day: Love Lost and Found Through the Eyes of Cole Porter” — a romantic musical set in a Berkshires mansion circa 1930, told entirely through songs by the iconic composer — may do so on their own by contacting the theater online or by calling 518-794-8989. 

• The August 19 picnic and ValleyCats ballgame at Joseph L. Bruno Stadium, which is capped at 20 people for our group, is just about filled. If you are interested in attending you can check with Debbie Rodriguez at debannrod@yahoo.com to see if any spots are left.

We have two dates remaining for anyone wishing to host or arrange an event: August 12, August 26. Remember, you can host or arrange events any time during the weeks of those dates if something other than a Thursday works for you.

So, here is the updated “Summer Casual” grid:

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