Change to this week’s Summer Casual Event

Due to circumstances beyond our control, mainly poor weather combined with Covid exposures, has caused us to reschedule this week’s Steak and Swim at the Leyhane’s  to  August 25th.  At this time, we feel that the most responsible course of action, while maintaining our fellowship in Rotary would be to switch this week’s meeting to a remote one using Zoom.  As with previous Zoom meetings we will begin at 7:00.  So mix up your favorite cocktail or pour your favorite pint and we look forward to seeing everyone this Thursday via Zoom.

With next week’s summer casual event being open, we have decided to make it a social event at Druthers Brewing Company in Albany located at 1053 Broadway.  The plan is to meet at Druthers around 6 and order off their menu.  Further details will be discussed on Thursday.

One thought on “Change to this week’s Summer Casual Event

  1. Thanks for the notice, however the August date is spoken for! We should be on the schedule for Friday instead of Thursday at S & S Brewery in Nassau.Pat Sent from my Galaxy


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