Another Summer Casual Event in the Books

Members attending: John Justino, Andy Leyhane, Murray Forth, Kevin Leyhane, Jim Leyhane, and Roberto Martinez

A small group from the Southern Rensselaer County Rotary Club met for our last summer casual event at Druther’s Brewing Company in downtown Albany. Everyone dined on the highly recommended chicken and waffles, while beating the summer heat with refreshing beverages.

The business reviewed included the ongoing collection of school supplies for the Circles of Mercy Back to School Program. Requested supplies are posted on our club website and may be donated at any future summer event up until August 21, 2022.

We continue to sell tickets for two upcoming raffles, one to benefit the Gift of Life with a grand prize of $500, and the second to benefit our club with the prize being over $300 worth of fine alcohol. Tickets are available through Jim Leyhane and Dean Calamaris and may be purchased at upcoming summer events.

Our next summer casual event, will be taking place this Thursday August 4, 20222 at Joe Bruno Stadium where will will be enjoying dinner and a baseball game. Looking forward to seeing everyone this Thursday.

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