Change of Venue for Next Week’s Summer Casual and a Few Reminders

As we prepare for tonight’s summer casual at the Drumm’s Farm, a few quick reminders. We are still gathering school supplies in support of Circles of Mercy’s back to school program. School supplies will be collected at any of the summer casual events by any of the Leyhanes. We have until August 21st to collect so time is running short. We are also selling tickets for two separate raffles. The first is for a cash prize in support of the Gift of Life, and tickets may be purchased from Dean or Jim. The second raffle is for a barrow of booze and may be purchased from Jim Leyhane.

Lastly, there is a change of venue for next week’s summer casual. Next Thursday, August 18, 2022 we will be enjoying steak by the pool hosted by Jim Leyhane and Roberto Martinez at Jim’s house. This is a rescheduled event from earlier in the summer. Dean and Dorris Calamaris have graciously given up this date to allow Jim and Roberto to host.

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