Steak by the Pool Another Successful Summer Casual Event

Members in attendance: Jim Leyhane, Roberto Martinez, Murray Forth, Maggie Forth, Pat Bailey, Deb Rodriguez, Peter Brown, Debbie Brown, Dick Drumm, Ray Hannan, Phil Kellerman, Kevin Leyhane

Guests in attendance: Jeremy Forth, Mary Drumm, Karen Drumm, Lois Hannan, Joe Corr, Cherrie Corr, Carrie Leyhane, Emma Leyhane, Priscilla Polsinello

Members and guests enjoyed a comfortable evening by the pool as they dined on steak, potatoes, cowboy beans, and garlic bread while enjoying family, friends and the fellowship of Rotary.

Business Discussed: School supplies to benefit the Circles of Mercy were collected and will be delivered on Monday, August 21, 2022.

Raffle tickets to benefit the Gift of Life and tickets for the “Barrow of Booze” raffle were both sold.

Our annual trip to the ValleyCats game has been postponed until the 2023 season. When next year’s schedule becomes available we will pick a Thursday night to reschedule.

September 1, 2022 is an open date for a summer casual, and we have contacted Moscatiello’s about returning on that date for a dinner meeting.

Next Summer Casual Event: Pat Bailey and Phil Kellerman will be hosting our next summer casual event at S&S Farm Brewery in Nassau on Friday August 26, 2022. Please note this event is Friday night, and not Thursday. If you plan on attending and did not notify Pat or Phil last Thursday, please reach out to them and to let them know you plan on attending as they will arrive early to secure tables. Looking forward to seeing everyone again this Friday.

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