SRC Rotary Club Adopt-a-Family 2022

Once again we have partnered with Circles of Mercy to adopt two families this year. We have been very successful supporting Circles of Mercy in the past and we look forward to continuing our support during these challenging times. All gifts are to be wrapped and labeled and delivered to Kevin no later than December 12th. This wish lists are posted below.

Here is how the lists will work this year. Select which item or items you wish to purchase, and notify Kevin. You can email at or send a message using the remind app. Kevin will respond to the messages with the name of the individuals so that gifts may be labeled. When messages are received the list on the website will be updated using a color code which is posted. Items in White are available for purchase and have not been claimed yet, Red items have been purchased and are considered done, and items which are Green have been purchased but more can be purchase (clothing, for example).

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