Meeting Clipboard 5/18/23

Rotary Meeting (Moscatiello’s) 5/18/23 Agenda

Menu: Chicken Ceasar Salad, Linguini with Baby Clams in white wine sauce

Penne alla Vodka

Members in attendance:  Debbie and Peter Brown, Phil Kellerman, Dick Drumm, Pat Bailey, Ray Hannan, Murray Forth, Jim Leyhane, Andy Leyhane, Kevin Leyhane, Roberto Martinez.  Zoom: Becky Raymond, Carol Orvis and Charlie Foot. 14 members

Guests in attendance: Dr. Kathy Platoni


The Pledge

The Blessing

Theme for the Year:  “Growing Fellowship and Service Locally and Globally”  

As discussed at the board meeting we are looking for service projects and guest speakers should relate to this theme.  

Proxy Votes:  If unable to attend proxy votes can be submitted to a board member who will be in attendance.  Proxy vote may also be submitted using the Remind App text notification.

Remind App:  Allows group texting for quicker sharing of information in the case of rescheduling, proxy voting, and may serve as a quick reminder for events.  Limited to 150 characters.  To join group:

Send a text to the number:  81010

Text this message:  @srcrot

Guest Speaker:  Dr. Kathy Platoni, Phil introduction, joining us via Zoom to speak on PTSD at 6:50p

Phil introduced his longtime friend whom he met in college in Miami.  She has an extensive portfolio and many honors.  She’s retired Military and a clinical psychologist. 

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder represents a brain injury from an acute external event. It became defined in 1982. It is an injury and not a disease. The new thoughts are that it can be modified in a positive way by acute psychological intervention by a team of therapists. Now  it is not considered a psychotical event, but a structural change in the brain that can be seen on PET Scans.  The traditional response of exercise therapy and therapy animals has some beneficial effects. Patients often avoid driving, have flash backs, have negative thoughts about themselves, and can’t experience joys they once had.  Treatment is individualized and there are no medicines that are clearly effective. 

NEXT Weeks Speaker:  Tentative Dan Fumarola from Casey’s.

Gift Of Life 25th Annual Golf Tournament: Thursday September 14, 2023.  Brochure and link to register is on the website.  Thanks to those who bought tickets to support GOL.

Grant update, Jim and Roberto: Distict Grant 23-34 has been submitted. Thanks for everyone supporting the effort. Awaiting awardees for this year’s grant, 22-23, from Maple Hill and Rensselaer.  Thanks to Terry Brewer for tracking.

Event & Summer Nights in the park Pat & Phil:  Schedule for summer events posted and sign up for Summer nights it the park. Continue to sign up and work out details with popcorn pick up.  We have committed to the Friday Movie Nights, so those nights are a priority.  Hoping to fill the Music in the Park Tuesdays.  June 6th is one of the early unfilled nights.  Kevin will post updates to the website so folks can continue to fill in slots. Phil has the sodas and we will sell for $2 and the water is $1.50. He will pick up the popcorn and we will sell for $3.  Phill will pick up popcorn as it is needed. 

Maple Hill Check update, Phil? We got a thank you from Maple Hill for the $1044.  No word yet on the getting back the previous $500 check.  

Viking Gym update, Ron / Jim: Viking gym has been ordered and should arrive the end of June and will be assembled by the Schodack employees. Waiting for more information from Ron or Dan Annis.

Membership update, Roberto & Kevin: Hopefully Dan from Casey’s can talk to the group and become a new member in July.  Same Will Potts from Chick Fillet.  Kevin will get Will the application. Phill Kellerman is actively recruiting his old boss to become a member and he will ask her to attend a meeting to reintroduce her.

Dues, Murray, update: Due June 1st to Murray.  Murray has NOT received many dues payments.  Two weeks left.

New Business:  

Rotaract Update:  Becky Raymond gave an update on Rotaract.  The Board met with Becky, John Justino and Debbie Rodriquez .  They went over what was going well and what was not. They enjoyed being involved with community activities such as the Bowling Event.  They are trying to increase their social media presence. What has diminished has been in person attendance.  Because the school is a computer school, many attend via zoom.  They are trying to get alumni involved and will meet again in June. They did award a scholarship of  $200 to one of the members. 

This is an opportunity to learn about the district and the international websites.  No charge but it is in person and on one of our Rotary nights.  Many of us already attended a session tailored for our club.  Thanks to Sue Austin, Whitney Pangburn and Denise Denoto.

Please join the District Training Team on May 25 for an in-person training to help you become more proficient with the tools you use to help manage your club and membership. 


What: ClubRunner/MyRotary Training

When: May 25, 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM

Where: Glenville Senior Citizens Center, 32 Worden Rd, Glenville, NY 12302

Who: All incoming club officers are encouraged to attend, but the training is open to everyone!

Epilepsy Local Chapter: Ray Hannan gave a talk about epilepsy and how it affects many including himself.  The Club had a motion and voted to give the local chapter $200. If members want to personally give more, please contact Ray.

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