Time to shop for Easter basket items

Screen Shot 2020-03-06 at 2.04.59 PMIt’s that time of year again, when SRC and others join with Circles of Mercy for its “Easter Baskets for Cate’s Kids” drive on behalf of needy children ages 1 to 12. Last year, SRC pledged 75 baskets but came up with 106!

Circles of Mercy is an outreach center for poor and low-income families which is sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy Northeast Community. SRC has partnered with the organization for years on a number of effort, including holiday family “adoptions.”

“Last year, over 150 requests for Easter baskets was met, but given the current economic times, no doubt Circles of Mercy will have not only the same number of children, but possibly more,” says Circles’ director Richard Zazycki.

Easter this year will fall on Sunday, April 19, and we have agreed to meet an April 1 deadline by which to deliver gift baskets to Circles in time to get them distributed to the client families the week before the Easter holiday.

President Phil Kellerman will be contacting some of you about possibly coordinating the club’s portion of the effort and staying in contact with club member Shannon Romanowski at the Greenbush YMCA which is undertaking a companion effort.

Meanwhile, our practice has been to have the club purchase baskets, artificial grass, and transparent wrappings, and ask members to purchase items for the baskets from the shopping list below, getting them to our event coordinator as they are purchased.

Since we’re on a tight turnaround, you may want to begin shopping now. Here’s what is needed:


• coloring books
• crayons
• color pencils
• facial tissues
• toothpaste, tooth brushes, and dental floss
• combs and brushes
• small, age-appropriate (1 to 12) stuffed animals, toys, small games
• reading books
… and, of course, different types of traditional candy


Happy New Year 2020

Screen Shot 2019-12-29 at 12.18.15 PM

Have a happy and safe New Year’s Eve, and we’ll see you on Thursday, January 9, when we resume our weekly dinner meetings. As always, you can check on club and district events listed on our website’s Calendar page by clicking here.

A reminder: Although we’re entering a new year, we’re only halfway through the 2019-20 Rotary Year. So, if you pay your dues semi-annually rather than at the start of the Rotary Year, your second payment is now due.

Our last Holiday Party, until the next one

Once again we officially welcomed in the holidays with our annual “Holiday Party & Basket Silent Auction.” And, once again, we were hosted by Maggie and Murray Forth, to whom we owe a hearty ho-ho-ho and thank you!

Besides the good food and fellowship we all enjoyed, the basket auction raised $500 for the club  treasury to help support our many community service endeavors.

We won’t be gathering again until our Thursday, January 9, 2020 dinner meeting at Quigley’s. Until then, here are some party images to look over.

Party Maggie

Party Murray Phil

Party Maggie Flowers

Party Me

Party Becky

Party KL and Lois

Party Carol

Party Drumms RM

Party Pat

Party sweater

Party Roberto


Party Mike

Party Leyhanes

Party Kirea

Party Kevin

Party Jim

Party Geoff

Party Jeremy

Get ready to unveil your holiday baskets

SRC Party 2019We’re barely a day away from the start of our annual SRC Holiday Party & Basket Silent Auction. Do you have your themed baskets ready to be bid on?

Besides being a fun part of the event, the auction raises money for our general treasury to be put toward support of our many public service efforts in the community. We’ve been posting suggested theme baskets on the website for several weeks (see here and here), but we suspect a lot of you have your own ideas to amaze and amuse the partygoers.

An advance thank-you to Maggie and Murray Forth, our hosts once again, who have been putting this event together for several weeks. It will begin at 6 p.m. Thursday at their residence in East Greenbush, so prepare to put on your party duds and join us.

P.S. The pool will not be open.