Have you started work on your themed baskets?

After being forced to cancel our annual “SRC Holiday Party & Basket Auction” in December 2020 because of you-know-what, we’re planning to resume the event that has always provided us with good food, good fellowship, and a fun way to raise funds for the club treasury.

As veteran Rotarians know, the centerpiece of the event — scheduled for Thursday, December 16, at Moscatiello’s — is our gift basket silent auction. Spirited competitive bidding adds an element of surprise to the outcome.

Once again we’ll be asking you to come up with a themed basket to contribute to the festivities. It can be anything from color themes to beverage baskets to toy-box collections to … well, you’re limited only by your imagination.

To help spur those imaginations, here are a few suggestions that may be of help. But as always, the key is not to wait till the last minute.

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