We’re back at Moscatiello’s this Thursday

Mural behind the main desk at Moscatiello’s.

As part of our club’s alternating schedule of virtual and in-person weekly meetings, we’ll be back at Moscatiello’s Italian Family Restaurant this Thursday — with a couple of small changes.

Rather than the usual 6:15 start for the dinner meeting, we’ll begin promptly at 6 o’clock, and end no later than 7. This is to allow sufficient time for a Board meeting immediately after the regular session.

The menu will be your choice of sausage and peppers or chicken Caesar salad or vegetarian baked manicotti. As always, a cash bar will be available.

If you do not plan to attend but would like to be counted toward a quorum, remember to email that fact to President Debbie Rodriguez (debannrod@yahoo.com) no later than Wednesday.

For an update on other activities of the club and the District, please regularly check our website calendar. And, if you’d like to reserve a date to present a program or a guest speaker, take a look at the spreadsheet on that same page to find out which dates are available, then contact program coordinators Becky Raymond or Kevin Leyhane with your details.

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