How many people visit our website? Check here

People sometimes ask how many visitors we get to our SRC website. The answer varies, depending upon the time of year, the size of our membership at any given time, etc.

However, WordPress, our domain host, tracks such things. Here’s a chart showing the numbers for the past 5+ years.

Incidentally, we’re looking for someone to succeed Bill Dowd as webmaster for the site since Bill has said he plans to step away from that role at the end of the current Rotary Year. Anyone with an interest is asked to contact him to discuss the possibilities, what the job entails, and the technicalities and learning curve involved.

‘All Things Rotary’ podcasts makes debut

A new podcast series called “All Things Rotary” is debuting this month.

In each episode, host Nick Taylor will bring together voices from around the Rotary world to find new approaches to topics old and new.

The podcast homepage can be accessed by clicking here. It contains not only a link to the podcasts, but you can get a written transcript of the program, and you can use the Podcast Search Engine to find other podcasts on other topics that may interest you.

Circle the date for Thursday’s virtual social hour

Screen Shot 2020-05-07 at 7.56.16 PMAs all SRC members no doubt know from our website, Facebook page, and various emails, we have been meeting and socializing via Zoom video conferencing for the past month or so during the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions.

For some of you, we’ve missed your presence, especially last Thursday when we voted on a slate of Board candidates for the 2020-21 Rotary Year.

Our next event is a social hour set for 6:30 p.m. this Thursday on Zoom — the new way for most people to connect with each other. Roberto Martinez will be sending out linking data on Wednesday. We suggest having a beverage of some sort at hand as you log on to catch up, trade anecdotes, make fun of each other’s hair, etc.

This also will be a perfect opportunity to socialize safely and reconnect with your fellow Rotarians. Please be on the lookout for Roberto’s email.

Bill Dowd
SRC webmaster

Join us on Thursday for a Zoom and a vote

Screen Shot 2020-04-03 at 5.56.21 PMWe will hold our second formal business meeting via video-conferencing this Thursday.

Among items on the agenda will be a vote on a slate of candidates for the 2020-21 Rotary Year. The list of nominees was sent to all SRC members by email last week, but here it is again:

PRESIDENT-ELECT: Debbie Rodriguez
TREASURER: Murray Forth
AT-LARGE: Bill Dowd, Jim Leyhane, Roberto Martinez, Dean Calamaras, Kevin Leyhane
(The immediate past president automatically goes on the board for a year; no vote is needed on that seat)

To join the meeting, just before 6 p.m. go to this Zoom link — — and log on to Meeting ID: 812 3676 9649.

SRC website keeps drawing foreign visitors

Screen Shot 2020-05-08 at 5.08.44 PM

Periodically, we like to review who visits the SRC website from other countries. As of today we have had visits in 2020 from the following 18 foreign nations:

South Korea
United Kingdom

Touring the globe in a time of pandemic

Screen Shot 2020-05-03 at 1.04.46 PM
A portion of the list of online Rotary meetings worldwide.

Travel obviously has been severely curtailed during the covid-19 pandemic, and international travel is nearly non-existent.

However, you can be a globetrotter once again by using the Internet to connect to more than 200 online Rotary meetings around the world.

There’s a staggeringly-detailed spreadsheet available to you that lists all the regularly-scheduled online meetings and activities of clubs throughout the world, live links to visit them, plus password information where needed.

Even if you don’t join in, simply looking at the amount of activity Rotarians offer in the virtual world will be worth a minute or two of your time.

CLICK HERE to access the chart.


You’re invited to an SRC virtual social event

Screen Shot 2020-05-03 at 11.58.18 AM

Our first clubwide videoconference meeting went very well last Thursday, so this week we’re going to try a virtual cocktail (or coffee, tea, etc.) hour.

Roberto Martinez and Jim Leyhane are serving as our online hosts for the social event, scheduled to begin at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, May 7. We can catch up some more, share our stay-at-home anecdotes, and generally get reconnected with each other. (We’ll have another formal virtual business meeting the following week.)

The Zoom meeting ID number and password are being sent out to all club members for access to the social hour. If you don’t receive an email containing them, please contact Roberto.

See you (literally) on Thursday.


Club makes history with first-ever virtual meeting

SRC ClipboardHeld at Quigley’s Restaurant
573 Columbia Turnpike
East Greenbush, NY 12061  Virtually

Members Attending (17): Phil Kellerman, Peter Brown, Debbie Brown, Debbie Rodriguez, Pat Bailey, Dean Calamaras, Doris Calamaras, Dick Drumm, Charlie Foote, Bill Dowd, Terry Brewer, Geoff Brewer, Jim Leyhane, Roberto Martinez, Kevin Leyhane, Ray Hannan, Becky Raymond.

Screen Shot 2020-04-30 at 8.00.45 PM

Screen Shot 2020-04-30 at 11.37.31 PMTHERE’S ALWAYS A FIRST TIME: Sixty years into its existence, the Southern Rensselaer County Rotary Club is always looking for something new to do. This week it did something it has never done before — met virtually.

With the current social distancing rules preventing in-person meetings (our last dinner meeting was held on March 12), we met today via the Zoom video conferencing system, with 17 members participating. We will hold another such meeting at 6 p.m. Thursday, May 15. Members will be sent an email containing the meeting ID number. (Meanwhile, keep an eye out for information to come about a virtual cocktail party at 6 p.m. next Thursday.)

Screen Shot 2020-04-30 at 8.13.04 PMMEETING NOTES: President Phil Kellerman called the meeting to order, thanked Peter Brown for making the Zoom arrangements, and asked everyone to let us know what has been going on with them since March 12. … Although we have not been formally meeting, some club business has been taking place behind the scenes. For example, several members have participated in virtual District training events, and Phil, Murray Forth, and Terry Brewer have been working on our application to the Internal Revenue Service for reinstatement of tax exempt status. The latter is a detail-intensive effort Terry estimates has already consumed an estimated 60 manhours. Phil said he expects to share the details with the Board via a password-protected website page Bill Dowd is creating, then submit the application within two weeks. …

Rotary CashThe Board, via email discussions, approved a $500 grant to the East Greenbush Central School District to aid in the purchase of masks for employees during the pandemic. … Terry reported that Columbia, Maple Hill, and Rensselaer high schools have verified they received our letters concerning scholarships of up to $1,000 for a graduating senior at each school. Depending on social distancing recommendations at the time, we will either have the checks available for presentation in June or will simply mail them to the recipients. …

Screen Shot 2020-04-30 at 8.17.32 PMIt’s nearly Club election time. We will be emailing to members a slate of candidates for SRC Board seats for the 2020-21 Rotary Year. According to our Club Bylaws, a new slate must be approved at least a month before the June 30 close of the Rotary Year. Practically speaking, we need to have it done before then because we cannot submit applications for District Grants by the June 1 deadline if we do not have the slate in place.


Effective Aug. 19, you’ll have to make your local phone calls differently

area-codesEffective Saturday, August 19, if you try calling a phone number in the 518 area code the way you always have, it won’t work.

That is the start date for full implementation of the new “Area Code Overlay” for the 518 area code. That means in addition to our current 518, the same geographic area will include a new code — 838. That is because they have virtually run out of new phone numbers for the 518 area.

You do not have to change your 518 area code. But, any new numbers issued on or after September 19 may be assigned an 838. However, to call anyone else with that code or with the new 838 code, you will have to use a 10-digit calling sequence just as you do now for long distance calls.

For example, if you normally call your cousin Mary locally at 555-5555 you will have to dial 518-555-5555. And, for local calls to people or businesses that have been assigned a new 838 code number, you also will have to dial a 10-digit code such as 838-555-5555.

If you want to get in the habit of the new requirement since it will become part of your way of life and there’s nothing you can do about it, you can begin practicing by using a 10-digit sequence right now. If you forget and just use the usual seven-digit local numbers your calls will be put through until August, but not after that.

This change may require a variety of changes for some people. For example, all numbers you have stored for automatic dialing on your cellphones or landlines, for answering machine messages, call forwarding, fax machines, speed dialers, internet dial-up numbers, safety alarm security systems and other such equipment will have to be reprogrammed with a 10-digit sequence. Likewise for any printed material — checks, office stationery, websites, Facebook pages, pet ID tags, etc. Whatever you do not change will not work after August 19.

Additional information is available online by clicking here.

NOTE: This change does not affect the 911 emergency number. It remains the same.