Are you ready for ‘summer casual’ fun?

SRC Summer Chart

This week, we will induct three more members of Rotary. Next week, we will complete the 2015-16 Rotary Year when we gather at the Forth residence for the annual “Presidential Changeover” event.

After that, we’re on to our usual busy summer schedule of picnics, cookouts, baseball, wine tasting dinner, summer stock theater, etc.

For your planning purposes, the chart shown above has one open slot left. Anyone interested in hosting an event or coordinating a field trip should contact incoming club president Debbie Rodriguez ASAP.

For each event, it is absolutely imperative that we have a correct headcount for planning food, seating, etc. To accomplish that, Bill Dowd will be handling the summer reservations schedule. He’ll be sending out regular requests for RSVPs, with a deadline based on what we’ve had throughout this Rotary Year. As always, guests are welcome, especially for these family-friendly events, but WE NEED YOUR HELP in keeping track of the headcount.

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