School supplies drive is under way

School Supply Drive logoMany of you will recall that last summer we conducted a club drive to collect school supplies for needy students in the Rensselaer City School District. There is a particular need there because the poverty level is so dire — the worst in Rensselaer County.

Nearly half the district’s 1,100 students qualify for meal assistance; more than a third of them live at or below the poverty level, which is 10% more than the national average. There is no indication things will get better before the next school year, so Bill Dowd again will be coordinating an SRC Rotary Club drive, beginning this Friday,  July 1. The concentration will  be on items for high school and pre-school students, based on a survey of needs.

Such a drive is in keeping with one of Rotary’s six stated areas of concentration:

Improving basic education and literacy.

“Last summer, we had a successful drive in a very short period — about four weeks,” Bill said. “This time around we’re starting earlier, plus we’re coordinating distribution via the Circles of Mercy family services agency that has tacked an extra week onto the drive period. That extra time, plus the addition of 15 club members since last summer, should assure us of a very successful effort — if everyone pitches in.”

Participation is simple: Purchase or otherwise donate supplies from the following list. Then get them to me over the course of the next six weeks or so, no later than August 21. You can do that by bringing the items to one of our club events, or by volunteering to be a drop-off point from which Bill will pick up the final donations.

The needs:

• pencils (regular lead #2 and color)
• pencil sharpener
• erasers (for pencils)
• pens (black or blue)
• markers (dry erase and color)
• pocket folders (assorted colors)
• 3-ring binders (in 2” and 3” sizes)
• loose leaf paper (college ruled)
• graph pape
• spiral subject notebooks (1, 3 and 5 subject in college ruled)
• subject dividers
• plastic zipper pencil cases/boxes
• 3”x5” index cards
• highlighters (yellow)
• rulers (regular with metric)
• Kleenex or other brand) tissues
• hand sanitizer (small bottles)
• Post-It notes
• backpacks (no rollers/wheels)
• Spanish-English dictionaries
• flash drives (1 to 4gb sizes)
• scientific calculators

Thanks, as always, for your generosity to others.


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