Final ‘Summer Casual Schedule’ date filled

Screen shot 2016-07-01 at 2.40.25 PM

The summer calendar is full! We’ve added a waterside August 4 event to our “Summer Casual Schedule” of events, giving us eight consecutive Thursdays full of a variety of family-friendly activities.

Next up is a pool party and cookout co-hosted by Jim Leyhane and Andy Leyhane at Jim’s residence in East Greenbush on Thursday, July 7. If you don’t have his address, simply use your password to go to the website’s “Membership Contact Data” to get it.

A procedural note:

Bill Dowd is coordinating attendance at all of these events. Please let him know directly if you plan to attend, and how many guests you plan to bring. Please do NOT send notes or make calls to other people and assume your RSVP will be passed along. We have had several instances of people using the wrong way to respond, resulting in some confusion over the correct headcount.

We’ll never turn anyone away, but we do like to make it as easy on our hosts and event coordinators as we can.

You can put your information on the signup sheet that is circulated each week, or simply RSVP to Bill’s weekly emails that ask you for the same info.



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