Today in history

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On July 13 in …

1787 –- The Continental Congress enacts the Northwest Ordinance, establishing rules of governance for the Northwest Territory. It also establishes procedures for the admission of new states to the U.S.A. and limits the expansion of slavery.

1863 –- In New York City, opponents of conscription into military service — the draft — begin three days of rioting that later will be regarded as the worst in U.S. history.

1878 –- Bulgaria, which did not appear as a separate nation on world maps, comes into existence with the signing of the Treaty of Berlin — a redrawn map of the Balkans region as decided by European power and the Ottoman Empire. The treaty also gives independence to Serbia, Montenegro, and Romania from the Ottoman Empire.

1923 –- The iconic Hollywood sign officially is dedicated in the hills above Hollywood, Los Angeles, as part of a real estate promotion. It reads “Hollywoodland,” but the four last letters will be dropped after renovation in 1949.

1973 -– Former White House aide Alexander Butterfield reveals during a U.S. Senate hearing into the Watergate scandal that President Richard Nixon has a secret tape recording system in his office.

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