SRC Greek fare was more than fair

Screen shot 2016-07-22 at 3.33.12 PM“Summer Casual” Greek Dinner
Calamaras Residence
Castleton, NY

July 28, 2016

Members Attending (11, no quorum): Debbie Rodriguez, Roberto Martinez, Bill Dowd, April Dowd, Jim Leyhane, Murray Forth, Dean Calamaras, Doris Calamaras, Debbie Brown, Melissa Bill, Ray Hannan. (No quorum)

Guests (3): Maggie Forth, Jeremy Forth, Lois Hannan.


• After the pledge and invocation, no business was conducted. We had an absence of a quorum for the second consecutive week. (A quorum requires attendance by at least 12 members,  according to our bylaws.)

• It was noted that longtime member and past president Rommel Tolentino has tendered his resignation from the club via a letter to Treasurer Murray Forth.

School Supply Drive logo• Many more donations were received this evening for our annual “School Supplies Drive,” which runs through August 21. Bill Dowd is coordinating the drive, so please give donations directly to him at each of our get-togethers.

• Bill Dowd issued a request for attendees to be sure to fill out the RSVP chart for upcoming summer events, most of which have earlier-than-usual deadlines because they are at commercial venues rather than being member-hosted. Next week’s event is a buffet dinner in the Boathouse Grille at Donovan’s Shady  Harbor Marina in New Baltimore. The price is $25 per person. Terry Brewer is coordinating the event.


Dean and Doris Calamaras hosted this “Summer Casual” club event, treating those assembled to a Greek dinner of chicken souvlaki, Greek salad, rice pilaf, corn on the cob, and baklava, along with various appetizers and desserts contributed by attendees.

We raised $260, which Dean and Doris designated for the Gift of Life program. Here are some scenes from the dinner, provided by Bill Dowd and Roberto Martinez.

Dean Grilling
Dean grilling chicken souvlaki skewers.
Doris Mixing
Doris whipping up some tatziki sauce to go with the souvlaki.
Part of the dining group, and ...
… yet another part …
Chef Sits
… and even more.
Jim & Melissa
Sharing a smile.
Maggie & Bill
Engrossed in conversation.
Our hosts still hard at work.

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