‘School Supplies Drive’ — Kids helping kids

Screen shot 2016-08-23 at 3.24.17 PM
Columbia High School students pose with their donations.

The second and final delivery of donations for SRC’s 2nd annual “School Supplies Drive” was made today, completing our effort to assist students at the high school and lower elementary grade levels in the Rensselaer City School District.

“This portion of our drive was a very generous effort by students at Columbia High School put together by John Sawchuk,” said project coordinator Bill Dowd. “I had suggested club members might think about creating a ‘kids helping kids’ component to the drive, and John used his position as Columbia principal to make it happen. Columbia kids have in the past also helped with other SRC projects. and we’re very grateful to them and their strong community spirit.”

A day earlier, Bill had dropped off several hundred donated items from club members and families at the Circles of Mercy service agency that is packaging the items for individual students and will be distributing them before school resumes.

By a rough count our drive resulted in more than 500 items for kids living in a school district in which one-third of families live below the federal poverty level. The effort was in line with one of Rotary’s key areas of assistance — improving literacy and education.

NOTE: This project will be featured in the September issue of The District 7190 Toolbox electronic newsletter.


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